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euroTECH's versatile eT-Hover-allround lifting device copes with virtually all lifting and positioning work

euroTECH's modular designed eT-Hover-allround is a practical, versatile lifting device. With a relatively low weight of 85 kg, the equipment can handle loads of up to 500 kg and is capable of horizontal and vertical lifting, swivelling, rotating around 360 degrees, as well as any combination of these types of movements. All movements can be controlled precisely and intuitively with the ergonomically designed control unit. The name "allround" relates to the extensive functionality of the lifting device as well to euroTECH's breath of performance.

The eT-Hover-allround lifting device enables vacuum-sealed objects, such as sheets of glass, sheet metal, plastic or wooden panels, to be handled in the most versatile ways. The new vacuum handling tool from euroTECH does not just cope with vertical or horizontal lifting: if required these lifting functions can be combined with swivelling movements from horizontal to up to 90 degrees vertical. By integrating an electrical rotary drive, the lifting device can endlessly rotate loads around 360 degrees without encountering a stop, enabling the entire spectrum of lifting and positioning tasks to be reliably executed. Equipped with a 2-circuit design, the eT-Hover-allround is also available as a battery-driven device for use construction sites.

euroTECH offers complete solutions from one source: if required, the company can offer the lifting device, as well as all the chain hoists with frequency converters, and will ensure that they are integrated into the control. The same applies to any lightweight craneways or pillar jib cranes that may be required.
The basic version of the lifting device is equipped with two suction cups, which can be moved along cross beams. The number of suction cups can be flexibly extended depending on the task, the size and position determined by the type and size of objects being handled. The retractable and ergonomically designed control unit incorporates all functions, including suction, ventilation, crane up/down, swivelling and rotating in a single device. The control is equipped with a blow-off function to guarantee the safe setting-down of the workpieces. The new lifting device delivers high standards of safety to minimise dangers with acoustic/optical warning signals.

euroTECH provides handling and transport solutions in the area of vacuum technology. The company develops customer-specific vacuum systems and components for automated handling tasks. The euroTECH modular construction system enables flexible adjustment of the components to the corresponding customer requirements and fast and cost-saving exchange of replacement parts.

Source: euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH/euro-tech-vacuum.de