GOLDBECK Solar completes eight English power plants in the first quarter

75 megawatts in Great Britain achieve full feed-in compensation

GOLDBECK Solar, headquartered in Hirschberg, brought 115 megawatts to the grid in the last 12 months. That includes more than 75 MWp constructed and connected in the latest quarter. In total, GOLDBECK Solar has built more than 250 MWp in Great Britain. New compensation standards for the United Kingdom went into effect in April. Thus, as much output as possible was to be connected by the deadline at the end of March.

The Carloggas, Branston, Emberton, Tengore, Hurcott, Folly, Nowhere and Milkwall plants (spread across England) necessitated, in part, complex engineering and construction steps, for example deep boreholes and demanding logistics for some sites. ʺCarloggas, located in Cornwall, was especially challenging, given its short project timeline,ʺ emphasized Bjorn Lamprecht about one of the projects. The site possesses a difficult-to-penetrate granite surface, in which 70 percent of the foundations had to be pre-drilled. These substructures are now anchored up to 1.6 meters deep in order to withstand wind and weather. In addition to the challenging ground conditions, special logistics were required for this project. According to provisions within the planning permission, only tractors were allowed to drive on the site. Project components had to be delivered to a staging site 2 kilometres away and then transferred from lorries to agricultural machinery. ʺA sophisticated Traffic Management Plan solved the supply problem,ʺ explained Lamprecht. He is proud of his co-workers who were able to complete the entire plant within a short timeframe. Almost 90 people worked there simultaneously during the peak period.

When such projects – as well as the GOLDBECK Solar project in Bournemouth where 38 MWp alone were developed, early in 2014 – are not completed on schedule, the investors and contractor risk enormous financial damages. However, even with changes to the feed-in tariff, business opportunities in the UK remain interesting. ʺWe will develop fewer large projects and more small plants,“ says Lamprecht, whose sales team is in the midst of the acquisition phase for additional English EPC contracts. In addition, rooftop plants are becoming more attractive, in particular as they constitute a core capability of the Hirschberg firm. GOLDBECK will also take over plant operation and maintenance for the eight new solar facilities, owned by six different clients. The solar expert sees Turkey, USA and Thailand as up-and-coming prospects due to favourable market conditions.

Source: GOLDBECK GmbH/goldbeck.de