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Glass with Crystal liquid is introduced by Gauzy at Glasstec

Technology that will be introduced in fair can be used in walls, refrigerators and even on automobiles

Gauzy will introduce the Smart Blinds technology at Glasstec, the biggest fair of the glass sector in the world, which is held from October 21 to 24 in Germany. The technology, which was developed and patented by the company, allows total control of window transparence and other countless holders by the inclusion of a smart crystal liquid control between the two glass plates. Operated by remote control, the Smart Blinds system allows the control of the light that goes through the glass, as if there was a built-in blind.

However, substituting blinds and drapes is not the only possible use of it: the technology of “glass sandwich” has been worldwide negotiated to be used in shop windows, refrigerator’s door, room dividers (in places as hotel and hospital wards), automobile windows and even at giant high-quality projector screens.

Besides it, the company will soon launch other type of coating, with the same characteristics of the original one, but that can be fixed in existing glass surfaces and the price is supposed to be about half of the forecasted for the “glass sandwich”.

At Glasstec, professionals of the market will be able to see various application of the technology, as detailed below. The forty-square-meter stand (located in the “address” Hall 11/A47) will even have an equipment used for the training and certification of licensed glass manufactures.

• Cellar with glass door: the technology allows the wine to seat in the dark, and when taking a bottle the user can increase the transparence of the cellar by touching a bottom and choose the bottle before opening the door. A similar process can be used in refrigerators.

• Table of installation and training (automatic station of tests): part of the manufactures’ training kit, the computerized table is used to control the quality of the crystal liquid before and after it is laminated into the glass. It is important to observe that, besides the assurance of a rightful installation of the technology, the table allows a perfect adjustment in the appliance of the crystal liquid, therefore, it ends the problem of wrong installation of the product. Today, this problem leads to the loss of about 30% of the glasses in the civil construction.

• Blinds with dimensions of 1,8 meters per 1 meter with electronic control: differently from the competitor’s systems, Gauzy’s product has an operator dimmer, which allows different levels of transparence in the PDLC coating.

• Screen-glass for projection: the visitors will be able to see the potential of the technology in screen projection, solution that brings great interest, mainly among retailers to use in shop windows, meeting rooms, exhibitions, sales stands and other installations.

Besides the different uses mentioned above, Smart Blinds’ technology can also be used to end the open-and-close of the refrigerator’s door, the house appliance that is the second in the rank of those which most consume energy, since it time the door is opened the engine of the refrigerator has to work longer. On the other hand, with Gauzy’s glass door, it is possible to choose the products without the need of opening the door. The same principle can be applied in car windows to increase the comfort of the passengers. The model is already been negotiated with a big car manufacturer. The perspective is to be on the market by the end of 2015.

By the touch of a bottom in the own glass it will also be possible, to simulate a blind which will open, close and swivel. The crystal liquid coating will also be useful in hospitals in such places as, surgery rooms, recovery rooms and room dividers in wards, since it can substitute the cloth drapes, helping to create a sterilized atmosphere.

Other possible use is to create giant screens of high definition in stores and shopping malls: it is only necessary to project a video in glass screens equipped with Gauzy, so far, this type of system was difficult due to the high cost of LCD TVs in larger sizes than the traditional ones. This type of projection can also be used in shop windows, and it has already been implemented in Israel (see it in the extract 1:11 of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrQlW1oRUns)

About Gauzy
Gauzy is an Israeli company of technology which develops solutions in the area of PDLC Crystal liquid coating in various shapes and for a diversity of applications. Gauzy’s technology, already available on the Market, allows its certified partners (mainly glass manufacturers) to bring innovation to sectors such as civil construction, hotels, retailers, automobiles and house appliances, among others. Further information in: gauzy.co.il