International Code Council and Solar Rating & Certification Corporation Finalize Consolidation

The International Code Council and the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation formalized the consolidation of the two associations. SRCC is now part of the ICC Group that includes the ICC Evaluation Service and the International Accreditation Service.

“SRCC is an industry leading association with big ideas and limited resources,” said SRCC Executive Director Eileen Prado, who will serve as Executive Director of ICC’s SRCC program. “Partnering with ICC provides needed resources to control costs for certification, lab inspections and dues. SRCC Members’ certifications remain valid. SRCC staff experts, including Technical Director Jim Huggins, will be there for support as will the ICC technical staff.”

The work of the SRCC complements the work of ICC in its standards, research, publications and product certification. The International Codes published by ICC are used in all 50 states and Washington D.C. ICC has been working with SRCC to update its widely accepted 100 and 300 solar thermal collector and system standards.

An ICC renewable energy advisory council will be created to support new initiatives and the development of codes and standards. The council will include previous SRCC Board members and other renewable energy experts. The consolidation combines expertise and resources that will allow manufacturers to get renewable energy products into the marketplace quickly with wide acceptance by code officials who recognize the ICC-ES and SRCC marks.

Source: SRCC/solar-rating.org