Neutra Kunststoffbau GmbH



The acid polishing units made by Neutra are subject to constant improvement and refinement and reflect experience gained through deliveries to leading international players. Track-tested machinery that incorporates advances on the technological front is the result:

Examples of Neutra developments:

- Flexible polishing software programmed to differing product groups and customisable to specific customer articles

- Speed-controlled polishing drums

- Polishing drum rotation reversal

- Automatic acid metering during the polishing process

- Automatic data capture for production monitoring over a set period (such as 14 days)

- Telemonitoring interface for task supervision from the production manager’s office

We offer superior service, qualified glass technicians and thorough training for shop-floor operatives, and continue to provide our customers with support long after delivery.

With over 20 years of experience in acid polishing and acidic wastewater/air treatment, we stand ready to serve your needs.