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New A+W-products for glasstec 2014:

A clear new order screen for even faster, more secure and practical entries: better efficiency, especially for sales partners who are not c­omputer pros.

A+W 2014: At the core of the product portfolio are innovative solutions that offer more information, more transparency and new features for more efficient work. Many smaller companies are excited about the comprehensive A+W Business Pro solu­tion, which has garnered raves worldwide. Also new to the ­‘Optimizations’ core competence: the A+W Defect ­Optimizer is a truly ‘green’ solution that not only saves users a lot of ­materials and time, but also significantly reduces their carbon footprint.

The A+W Discovery BI tool, integrated into A+W Business, is now also available for medium-sized companies. A+W Dashboard, a controlling and monitoring tool for production supervisors that features a high level of information density and a clear, user-friendly graphic layout, can now be used on smartphones, tablet PCs and PDAs. For archiving, A+W offers the A+W Sharepoint DMS – a comprehensive document management system that is integrated into A+W ­Enterprise and A+W Business.

For smaller and medium-sized companies: A+W Business Pro

Smaller glassmaking and glass retail companies need an integrated software tool that represents office and production processes in a user-friendly way with an ergonomic interface. Order details need to be provided automatically in the manufacturing process, for automated further processing and for cutting optimization.

A+W Business Pro is a consistent, cost-effective entry-level solution for small and medium-sized companies; order processing and production planning are fully integrated.
A+W’s commercial solution not only allows the entry of offers, orders, credits, complaints and delivery slips, along with administering orders and inquiries, but can also be used to manage other company divisions (e.g. warehouse, purchasing, dispatch, etc.).
The order details are immediately available for production planning. An integrated “Wizard function” means that almost the entire process, from creating and optimizing the cycle to obtaining approval for manufacturing, can be completed in a single mouse click.

Optimizing defects away –saving on materials
The latest generation of optimization: because of various production factors, jumbo panes are never faultless. On average, 0.6 defects are found on every stock plate. That not only creates material and process costs, but also increases energy consumption throughout the entire value chain. In particular, damages to high-quality functional glass are very frustrating and expensive. Thanks to intelligent new optimization software that uses the latest detection systems, help has arrived. The inspection system recognizes relevant defects and sends the coordinates to the A+W Defect Optimizer. The system automatically identifies the affected panes and marks them on the milling-pattern display. Next, the A+W Defect Optimizer modifies the cutting pattern if the remaining time allows. The defect is positioned inside the cutoff area if possible, or in the smallest possible pane. Any remaining defects are marked and placed in the breakage pool. Tests have shown that the A+W Defect Optimizer can reduce the number of defective panes by an average of 50%, and the affected pane area can be reduced by more than 70%.
A+W Discovery: Now available with A+W Business
A+W Discovery, first introduced at glasstec 2012, is now also available for medium-sized companies. A+W’s developers have integrated it into A+W Business, the ERP system for medium-sized companies. It is connected to the A+W Business Archive, which allows it to evaluate all of the business data that has been archived since installing A+W Business.
A+W Discovery is a high-performance tool that provides transparency and a clear overview of the company’s wealth of data. The program supports the conversion, integration and analysis of comprehensive heterogeneous data. It extracts data from multiple sources, scrubs and standardizes it, and gathers it into a shared homogeneous database.

A+W Dashboard: A constant overview of the production process
A+W Dashboard is highly integrated with A+W Discovery and A+W Production; it compiles a clear record of all information from the ongoing production process, and makes it available to the production manager in real time and in graphic form.
Current machine conditions and any ­bottlenecks are quickly identified and ­provided in real time, with a high level of information density.
An easy-to-use ­HTML configurator allows production managers to define custom views. The system can be used on desktop computers, tablet PCs and smartphones.

Optimizing delivery logistics
Anyone promising customers fixed delivery deadlines needs to have secure and reliable control over their delivery logistics. The A+W Logistics Optimizer automatically plans the shortest route, taking all of the destinations into account in order to reduce time and costs. This solution integrates all of the trucking and route parameters, and analyzes driving times in order to ensure that deliveries and pickups can be completed according to the planned schedules. The solution generates sequences in which high-priority targets can be supplied in advance. Routes are adjusted for traffic in order to achieve the best results. The route calculations take parameters like cargo space (loading meters), delivery times, holding times and user-specific priorities into account. Upon request, the A+W Logistics Optimizer can be used in addition to any commercial A+W system, including A+W Business Pro.
You can also get a sneak peek at the web-based product configuration.

Do you want to learn more about the new A+W highlights? We look forward to seeing you at glasstec 2014!