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glasstec 2022: Foresight. Sustainable architecture with glass


In architecture, glass has always been synonymous with transparency, lightness and versatility. It was and still is the material for visionary designs of the future and trendsetting buildings of modern times. However, will glass also stand the test of time posed by the coming age of sustainability?
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glasstec on tour


The innovation show glass technology live (gtl) is a highlight of glasstec. This is where the concentrated innovative power of the industry can be seen. What will be shown at gtl in autumn 2022 is a well-kept secret each time. With the glasstec on tour video interviews, we lift the curtain a little and give exclusive insights into the preparations and the work of the gtl organisers.
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High-calibre ancillary program at glasstec 2022


live trade fair experience, knowledge transfer and a cross-industry exchange at the highest international level – this is what glasstec will offer with its ancillary program this year. Trade fair highlights will include the glasstec conference, the International Architecture Congress and the innovations showcase ‘glass technology live’.
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glasstec 2022 - Anticipation in the industry in the International Year of Glass


In the International Year of Glass, the glass industry will celebrate a long-awaited reunion in Düsseldorf, Germany from 20 to 23 September 2022.
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United Nations declares the year 2022 as the International Year of Glass (IYOG2022)


The United Nations has declared 2022 to be the International Year of Glass (IYOG2022). It is thus entirely dedicated to the transparent material. Regional committees worldwide will highlight glass's scientific, economic, and cultural importance as a material in their country or region and celebrate several anniversaries.
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glasstec UPDATE International Conference: “Carbon Neutrality with Glass”


The innovative capacity of the glass industry was highlighted once again by experts from the most diverse areas during the 2-day glasstec UPDATE International Conference.
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glasstec UPDATE Conference: How will the glass industry reduce its carbon footprint in future?


What is currently being discussed at COP26 in Glasgow should ideally be a guideline for everyone in order to put a stop to climate change. This topic is also highly relevant to the glass industry.
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glasstec UPDATE conference: “Carbon neutrality with glass”


From 25 to 26 November the new conference format glasstec UPDATE will shift the focus to Europe and the two mega trends climate neutrality and decarbonisation as a follow-up event for the “Thementage Glas”.
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When machines think – artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence simulates human thought processes. It can detect and process images, recognise language, make decisions, and translate into different languages. But can it also work without humans?
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glasstec 2022 – Let´s go live


The anticipation for glasstec 2022 is already strong now – as demonstrated by the comments and contributions from the industry with the motto “back again at last”. With immediate effect companies from the areas of mechanical engineering, industry and skilled crafts can register for glasstec 2022 online at
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