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Specialist Article No. 6: Raising our glasses to the glass industry!


Glass is a popular and indispensable packaging material for food and beverages of all kinds. Current product trends and innovations in production will be presented by manufacturers at glasstec 2018 in Düsseldorf from 23 to 26 October 2018.
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Specialist Article No. 5: New Display Glass on the Advance


Practically everyone is familiar with touch screens – primarily thanks to smartphones. These sheer yet extremely scratch-resistant glass surfaces, sometimes featuring rounded edges, are increasingly becoming design elements for modern communication devices. Glass boasts outstanding dielectric properties and ensures low energy losses especially with the high signal frequencies applied in the LTE...
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Specialist Article No. 4: XXL-Glas


Architecture began to be substantially impacted by the development and the opportunities of glass manufacturing at the time when glass production became affordable, i.e. with the advent of float glass processes, which made it possible to produce glass in larger sizes.
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Specialist Article No. 3: Glass is getting smart


In some science fiction films smart glass is already a reality. In the morning as soon as you get up major news is displayed on bathroom mirrors, in showers or on glass kitchen fronts. The images are controlled by swiping or voice commands. Glazed building façades are now also becoming vehicles for news and advertising messages – projecting moving images, obviously.
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Specialist Article No. 2: Glass Industry 4.0 – Producers, processors and finishers are getting ever smarter - The 4th Industrial Revolution will be one theme at glasstec 2018


The term Industry 4.0 has been on everyone’s lips for some time now. It is synonymous with digitalisation and connection of the complete industrial value chain. After dramatic developments at beginning of the industrial age such as the introduction of the steam engine, assembly line and later IT, the 4th Industrial Revolution is now marked by more and more smart factories.
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Specialist Article No. 1: Glass off the roll


Thin glass – as thin as a razor blade or a human hair – is a reliable method to protect smartphone touchscreens, sensitive filters and sensors. Yet despite its extreme thinness, it is also highly resilient and scratch-proof. Furthermore, thanks to its flexibility and bending properties, it permits totally new applications in architecture, mobility and other industries...
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