SCHOTT Committed to Further Investments in Brazilian Pharma Packaging Plant

SCHOTT Committed to Further Investments in Brazilian Pharma Packaging Plant

On the occasion of its 80th manufacturing anniversary in Brazil SCHOTT has underscored its commitment to continue to invest in its pharmaceutical packaging plant in Itupeva, Brazil. By doing so, the company plans to support the growing domestic pharmaceutical companies by supplying high-quality pharma packaging that is manufactured locally. The facility located near São Paulo is home to state-of-the-art production of high-quality ampoules, vials, and cartridges. Ever since SCHOTT entered the Brazilian market, the company has constantly modernized the Itupeva plant, which manufactures according to GMP principles (Good Manufacturing Practice). In the last fiscal year alone, SCHOTT has invested BRL 15 million in this strategically important facility. The products manufactured in Itupeva are used by pharma companies to safely store and administer life-saving medications to patients.

Thanks to a worldwide production network of 16 plants, SCHOTT is the only packaging manufacturer that is present in all of the so-called BRIC countries, the fast-growing pharma markets in Brazil, Russia, India and China. “Brazil in particular is a very interesting market for us,” confirms Andreas Reisse, Executive Vice President of SCHOTT’s Pharmaceutical Systems Business Unit. “With these investments, we want to make sure that our South American customers are supplied in the best possible way,” he adds.

Good market prospects
A recent report from IMS Health revealed that Brazil will most likely be ranked fifth among the major pharma markets in the world in 2018, displacing Germany in the process. This is for good reason: Brazil is said to be the only country in the world that has a universal and free public health care system. Secondly, the average income is on the rise, and more and more Brazilians are joining private health plans. Finally, an ever-aging population demands more health care. “The pharmaceutical industry in Brazil can make significant progress based on this growth in health care expenditure. And SCHOTT will be a very supportive partner when it comes to realizing these growth objectives by supplying its customers with the highest quality pharmaceutical packaging”, says Jürgen Buhr, Director of SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems in Brazil.

Rich history
With its model plant in Itupeva and the modernization process that lies ahead, SCHOTT is in an excellent position to be able to support the growing pharma industry in Brazil. The plant’s production lines run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, contributing significantly to the 9 billion units the company produces worldwide every year. Today, some 500 employees work at the 170,000 square meter plant in Itupeva. Production meets the highest international standards of Quality (ISO 9000), Environment (ISO 14000), Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSAS 18000) and, last but not least, Pharmaceutical Production (GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice ISO 15378).

Source: Schott AG/schott.com