SCHOTT Sets Glass Tubing Record with Outer Diameter of 460 Millimeters

SCHOTT's new record-breaking large outer diameter glass tube compared in size to a tennis ball. Photo: SCHOTT.

SCHOTT, the international technology group, has made history once again by creating the world’s largest industrially manufactured glass tube. The record-size tube, made of DURAN® glass, has an outer diameter of 460 millimeters—40 millimeters wider than the previous record-setting tube—and measures more than 1.5 meters long with a wall thickness of 8.5 millimeters. Developed with a specialty manufacturing process, the tube represents a range of new application possibilities for the chemical, biological, architecture, pharmaceutical, and retail industries, among others.

Manufacturing large outer diameter tubes is challenging in that they tend to collapse under their own weight. SCHOTT overcame this obstacle by further developing the drawing process to manufacture the large tube.

Additionally, since the tubes are made from DURAN borosilicate glass, they offer a high optical quality and chemical resistance that is superior to most other materials, allowing the tubes to stand up to harsh chemicals in lab uses. Plus, due to the glass’ low thermal expansion, the tubes can endure prolonged periods of exposure at temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius for continuous, durable use.

“To create a glass tube of this diameter, SCHOTT further developed its manufacturing capabilities,” said Stephen Russo, General Manager of SCHOTT Tubing. “Our enhanced drawing process unlocked the ability to create a DURAN glass tube that sets a new outer-diameter record in the glass tubing industry. From 360-degree display cases in retail stores to development and production vessels in biological research, SCHOTT’s new large tubes can be utilized for a diverse range of applications, and offer high visual quality with a very smooth surface.”
While these large outer diameter tubes already have a number of applications in the architecture and retail industries, the possibilities for this product are wide open. SCHOTT is ready to work with interested parties to develop tubes for specific applications.

The 460-millimeter outer diameter DURAN tube was manufactured at SCHOTT’s plant in Mitterteich, Germany.

DURAN® is a registered trademark of the Duran Group GmbH.

Source: SCHOTT /schott.com