SCHOTT offers glass tube for pharmaceutical packaging from warehouse in Japan

The international technology group SCHOTT announces today that the company will start providing its samples of FIOLAX® pharmaceutical tubing from stocks in Japan by mid-December, 2015.

“We are receiving more and more inquiries of FIOLAX® in Japan, especially for the use of vials and syringes. In recent year, Japanese pharmaceutical companies are expanding overseas operations as well as actively implementing medications produced outside of Japan for the domestic market”, says Wataru Nansai, who is in charge of sales and marketing for tubing at SCHOTT Japan. “From mid-December, we will stock different types and sizes of FIOLAX® in Japan to shorten the delivery time of product samples for Japanese customers. As part of the long term commitment for the Japanese market SCHOTT will continue to improve services to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies.”

SCHOTT is one of the leading manufacturers of glass tubing worldwide with a production capacity of more than 140,000 tons per year manufactured at production sites in Europe, South America and in Asia. Glass tubing from SCHOTT is used for varieties of pharmaceutical packaging, such as vials, syringes, ampoules and cartridges.

In response to growing global demand, SCHOTT has been actively expanding its sales of pharmaceutical glass tubing, especially ISO standard types. After mid-December this year, Japanese customers will enjoy shorter delivery times when ordering special specs of FIOLAX® samples which are high in demand from the Japanese pharmaceutical market.

Source: SCHOTT AG/schott.com