SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) and Siemens agreed upon a cooperation in the field of decentralized large-scale PV power plants. Both companies are thereby strengthening their positions in the growth market for large-scale PV power plants. SMA is contributing state-of-the-art solar inverter solutions and many years of experience in designing complex systems, while Siemens is contributing transformers and switchgear for the high-voltage and medium-voltage range, including grid connection. In the international competition, the partners will provide their customers with all-around coordinated system solutions and services from a single source—from the DC side to grid connection.

“Cooperating with our partner Siemens will mean that we are even better placed to compete in large-scale tender projects. Our experience and technologies complement each other perfectly. SMA has the technical expertise to equip the largest and most technically challenging solar projects worldwide with innovative system technology. Siemens comes with first-rate experience in connecting large-scale power plants to utility grids, including state-of-the-art medium- and high-voltage technology. As specialists in our respective areas, we will be able to offer our customers a range of individually customized complete solutions that is unique in the industry, comprising overall system design and system technology as well as grid connection and services,” explained SMA Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer Pierre-Pascal Urbon.

“By partnering with SMA, Siemens will be able to benefit more than before from the photovoltaic growth market. By taking mutual advantage of our global sales and service networks, both companies will increase their market coverage in real terms. Coordinated project management and joint technological developments will ensure that our customers worldwide will be able to rapidly realize large-scale PV projects with maximum overall efficiency and a high return on investment,” said Ralf Christian, CEO Siemens Division Energy Management.

SMA and Siemens will work either as separate project partners or as a consortium for technology and services in all areas of electrical engineering to best meet customer requirements. The portfolio of services ranges from planning and commissioning to maintenance of complex large-scale projects in the megawatt range. The high overall efficiency of the systems and the speed of implementation will also see customers save significantly on system costs, time and effort when it comes to implementing their large-scale projects.

The first product to come from the partnership is a new type of container solution that combines a 2.5 MW central inverter from SMA with a medium-voltage transformer and medium-voltage switchgear from Siemens as a turnkey solution in a standard container. SMA will be presenting the system solution at Intersolar Europe in Munich for the first time until June 13 (booth B2.210). The SMA Medium Voltage Power Station 2200SC/2500SC for direct voltages of 1,000/1,500 V can be used in large-scale and extremely large-scale PV power plants worldwide, is suitable for outdoor installation in all ambient conditions, and thanks to its power density and compact design, which are unique on the market, it helps to reduce transportation, installation and operating costs.

Source: Solar Technology AG/sma.de