STO Glass Group Supplier profile on COSSMA

What is your company philosophy?

The Stölzle Glass Group can look back on more than 200 years experience in the production of packaging glass for the prestige spirits, perfumery and cosmetics industries as well as the health care and consumersectors. Our own Oberglas brand serves the high quality glass and tableware market for the gastronomy and hotel business. Stölzle has set itself the target of ensuring that its customers and employees remain as preferred partners, driven by a company culture of mutual trust and an expectation of high readiness, flexibility and reliability.

What advantages does your company offer in terms of products and service?

Prestige products for cosmetics and perfumes,as well as alcoholic beverages, are behind today’s fast, but maybe short-lived, fashion trends. Clients in the prestige sector are constantly on the lookout for the highest quality, style and individuality – all of the features that Stölzle demands of its own products to help ensure that its clients can stay ahead of the hard, international competition.The prestige factories of the Stölzle Glass Group are equipped for the production and decoration of its products with today’s most up-to-date equipment. This, coupled with years of experience in the production of the highest quality packaging glass, means that Stölzle, in every respect,can respond in an optimum way to the requirements of the market.

In which areas is your company particularly well introduced, where is your specific know-how?

In recent years design and decoration have grown in importance as a way of helping to lift end products out from the huge mass market.Clients increasingly look for sophisticated and innovative decorative techniques and have their exclusive ranges produced in the high end sector. Last year Stölzle decorated over 150 million bottles. The three European decoration sites in our group are equipped state-of-the-art decoration maclines. In addition to traditional techniques they have recently introduced several innovative ideas such as print with special fluorescent or phosphorescent inks, digital printing, UV lacquering and UV printing, as well as spray metalizing. In addition STO offers the globally unique IPET technology which gives glass surfaces an outstanding brilliance.

Which specific solutions do you offer to the cosmetics manufacturing industry?

As a one-stop-shop Stölzle helps and advises its clients right through from design drafts via production and decoration options, cap selection and delivery of the finished product. Using 3D printers product samples – that are also suitable for filling tests – can be produced at once.

Source: Stölzle Glass Group/stoelzle.com