Soli Tek represents Solrif® Glass/Glass in-roof system

Unlike on-roof systems, this roof integrated mounting system is a true alternative to conventional roof covers.

The Solrif® mounting system is suitable for various roof types. It can be used in complete or partial photovoltaic roofing, including in combination with solar thermal collectors or roof penetrations (such as skylights, chimneys, etc.). The flexible design options of Solrif® allow a simple and quick installation.

Quick and easy installation due to less components for the mounting system.
Flexible maintenance – single module pick inside the field is possible. Module based monitoring possible with SolarEdge Technology.

Aesthetically superior solution. Full cover for the roof with perfect and aesthetical look in different colours.

30+ year lifespan. Edge-sealant protection ensures superior atmospheric and humidity resistance.

Back glass instead of plastic ensures durability and robust protection against UV, moisture, ammonia and salt corrosion.

Thanks to the patented photovoltaic in-roof mounting system by Solrif®, it is easy to turn a frameless SoliTek glass/glass module into a solar power generating roof tile; thus, replace conventional roof cover.