The Consistency of Pneumofore

The heating gas consumption at our headquarters has been reduced by 50% in the last 7 years. We welcome the minor expense, but we first consider the minor environmental pollution. The engineering team of Pneumofore is familiar with efficiency and sustainability tasks. We selected innovative construction solutions and applied them systematically, including new central heating, better insulation and new distribution. All our investments for the production and office building have proven to be valuable. Burning less gas means less pollution. The long term environmental approach is core of our Pneumofore attitude. All the machines of Pneumofore reflect crystal clearly our philosophy, with the proven lowest life cycle cost. It translates also as lowest total ownership cost. However we put it, we proudly do our best for the future of the entire planet. We help customers to reduce their energy expense, we make them spend less money. As we also do ourselves at our own place.

Source: Pneumofore/pneumofore.com