The new Bursagaz office building will have a unique photovoltaic glazing façade

Bursagaz, one of the most important Turkish gas companies, will have a new headquarter which is aiming to obtain the LEED Gold rating.

Bursagaz BuildingOnyx Solar is responsible of developingoriginality in the design by superimposing a mosaic double skin onto the façade. The glass, featuring crystalline silicon, will have 20% transparency, allowing homogeneous light into the building and reducing the need of artificial lighting. In addition, the company Sunvital Enerji will carry out the installation of the photovoltaic glass in this façade.

Adhering to the Bursagaz corporative strategy of developing innovative projects that contribute to a more sustainable future, this project exemplifies one of many reasons why Bursagaz is well accepted in the market.

Source: ONYX SOLAR /onyxgreenbuilding.wordpress.com