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Three in one

Preliminary Fair Report for Glasstec (21 – 24 October 2014 in Düsseldorf)
Three in one: Sommer Informatik brings together calculation programs from statics to luminous transmittance in one platform

The number of structural-physical calculations in glass and window construction increases steadily – also due to constantly renewed legal requirements such as the recently introduced Construction Products Regulation. Special software can be helpful in individual sectors, however, so far the pane structure had to be entered each time again into every program which is relatively cumbersome. For the sake of improving the user friendliness and for achieving a high degree of automation, the leading developer of structural-physical software, Sommer Informatik GmbH, has concentrated its proven calculation solutions in a uniform user platform: thus SommerGlobal can provide after only a one-time data acquisition Ug, Uf, Uw, g, tau, rho and the static proof according to DIN 18088. This new all-round solution will be presented at this year’s Glasstec in Düsseldorf.

The various programs of the Rosenheim software company have proven its worth in daily use for many years on a world-wide basis. With the help of GlasGlobal the static proof for horizontal, vertical and accident-proof glazings including shock resistance and design loads can be provided. WinSLT makes it possible to determine the radiation-related and heat-related properties of insulation glass according to DIN EN 410, 673 and ISO 13363-2. By the help of WinUw the Uw-value which is very important for the energy balance of various window types and designs according to DIN EN ISO 10077 can be determined very quickly. WinIso2D calculates two-dimensional heat flows and isothermal characteristics up to vapor diffusion and condensation according to EN ISO 10077-2 and 10211.

However, here the exact pane structure with all parameters had to be entered individually into each software. Due to the Construction Products Regulation which came into force in the meantime, many declarations of performance are required from the industry and thus Sommer Informatik optimized its products to minimize the efforts for the user. For this purpose interfaces for the automated transfer of structural-physical parameters have been developed in cooperation with all leading ERP software suppliers. This permits the access to all relevant data already at order entry and the immediate generation of a structural analysis or a glass thickness recommendation, for example. Thus it can be examined without delay whether the pane ordered meets the static requirements. The results of the various calculations can also be adopted directly for use in the declaration of performance.

Common data base for various parameter calculations

For reaching this high degree of automation, the software creator has grouped together WinSLT, GlasGlobal and WinUw in one uniform interface and changed the data management of the individual solutions to a common network-compatible data base. In this way it is sufficient to record a project only once, e.g. in GlasGlobal. The pane structure can be transmitted from there to other specific applications and used for the relevant evaluations. A repeated data input is no longer needed. In addition, Sommer Informatik is just working on the integration and expansion of the simulation software WinIso2D into this platform, such that apart from U- and Ψ-values also the thermic stress in panes can be assessed.
"It was a lot of work to bring the individual programs together ", states Robert Sommer, computer science specialist and CEO of Sommer Informatik GmbH. "The effort can almost be compared to a new development, but for guaranteeing a high investment security and a secure future for our products, it was an important step. Now we are the only company for structural-physical software which can provide intersectoral software programs in this respect. "

Customers already using licences of GlasGlobal or WinSLT will get an update for converting to the uniform user platform. In addition, they will receive WinUw free of charge. When buying SommerGlobal new customers may decide which functions their package shall include.

(for further information: www.sommer-informatik.de)

What: Glasstec 2014
When: 21. bis 24. Oktober 2014
Where: Trade fair Düsseldorf, Hall 9 A18, Stand