VIBROTUBE®: Further customer orders in 2015

After the successful world premiere at glasstec and first sales in 2014, further orders for units of the new VIBROTUBE® charger have been placed with ZIPPE in 2015.

The charger enjoys a remarkably high interest from the industry and glass professionals. Customers report of "significant increase in efficiency, higher melting rates, lower NOx values and lower overall melting energy consumption". The new chargers will be operated at regenerative container glass furnaces with a capacity between 130 and 320 tpd.

Amongst others, a new VIBROTUBE® charger will also be delivered to "Spezialglas Piesau GmbH", a company producing high-quality flint glass for the flaconnage and perfume sector. The charger will be operated at a 130 tpd regenerative furnace. Another VIBROTUBE® had been purchased and commissioned by “Noelle + von Campe” and was successfully put into operation last December. Already having one VIBROTUBE® in operation, the customer decided a second time for this charger.

Source: ZIPPE Industrieanlagen GmbH/zippe.de