Zippe Industrieanlagen acquires shares in UAS Messtechnik to join forces on PWA-concepts

In September 2014 Zippe Industrieanlagen and UAS Messtechnik signed an agreement for a strategic partnership on Plant-Wide-Automation (PWA) concepts and integrated Batch and Furnace control solutions.

The intention is to be able to offer integrated solutions for the process steps “from Batch until the glass droppoint”- wherever needed.

This has numerous advantages for the customer. A process control out of one hand results in a continuous process transparency and by such a high plant availability and increased process efficiency.

The standardisation of the automation and process control, “Plant-Wide-Automation”, offers cost benefits for the operator in terms of production and maintenance.

For both companies transparent sustainability, resource-saving use of energy and the special consciousness for the environment play an important role.

The two companies declared that besides this step, they will each keep their independency.

Pictured left to right: Franz Knopf; Managing Director UAS, Dr. Philipp Zippe; COO Zippe Industrieanlagen, Thomas Donabauer; Managing Partner UAS Messtechnik, Dr. Bernd-Holger Zippe; CEO Zippe Industrieanlagen, Günther Mlynar; Member of Zippe Managing Board

Source: Zippe/UAS Messtechnik/glass-international.com