aleo solar receives “Top Brand PV” seal

In an independent survey conducted by EuPD Research, installers confirm that system supplier and German module manufacturer aleo solar GmbH has achieved a high level of brand awareness on the British and German markets. aleo is now being awarded the “Top Brand PV | Modules” seal for this accomplishment.

Of all the photovoltaic system suppliers, the brand aleo has achieved a particularly high level of recognition amongst installers. According to this latest study conducted by market and opinion researcher EuPD Research, aleo has achieved a high level of brand awareness on the British and German markets. EuPD Research thus awarded the system supplier and module manufacturer with the “Top Brand PV | Modules” seal for both countries.

aleo solar even achieved the third-best score for unassisted brand recognition on the German market. EuPD Research exclusively bestows this award to the leading manufacturers in the industry. This makes aleo solar one of the top brands in both the UK and Germany. Only a tiny handful of manufacturers whose brand receives exceptionally high marks from installers in comparison with the competition are awarded the “Top Brand PV” seal.

Once a year, market and opinion researcher EuPD Research determines the brand recognition and market penetration of various module, storage system and inverter manufacturers in an independent survey of qualified installers from Germany, France, Italy, Benelux and the UK, as well as on the basis of a multi-level analysis procedure. This provides the manufacturers with a neutral, unfiltered assessment of their own brands and possible optimization potentials in brand management.

"We have made a name for ourselves in the solar industry with our uncompromising quality standards. This wouldn’t have been possible without our competent specialist partners: They are the ones who bring our premium modules exclusively to the customers and assemble them properly. Their success is inseparably connected with the success of our own company,” explains Günter Schulze, Managing Director of aleo solar GmbH. The company produces high-performance monocrystalline modules and is a system supplier for the global photovoltaic market.

In a global market with fierce competition, seals of quality such as “Top Brand PV” not only constitute an added value for manufacturers, it also helps marketing agents set themselves apart from their competitors with a demonstrably high-grade range of products. The seal of quality also provides end customers with orientation in an increasingly complex and differentiated market. The significance of the seal is easily understood and offers end customers a high recognition value, and thus a very good basis for comparison.

Source: aleo solar GmbH /aleo-solar.de