Johan Palmers

Global Segment Manager Heat Resistant Textiles, NV Bekintex SA

"Really feeling energized that we finally can connect in person again. Let’s boost our partnership by the personal touch and allowing us to discuss on the challenges to enable qualitative automotive glass bending. See you soon!“

Mark Tiebout

Sales Director, AYROX srl

"Contributing to more Quality & Safety in processed flat glass & PVB business is our reason of existence. Sharing live that knowledge with customers & stakeholders is why we sign present at glasstec 2022 since many years!."

Jens Rosenthal

 Managing Director, EME GmbH

"glasstec 2022 will be an excellent opportunity to showcase our latest advancements in batch technologies and cullet handling equipment. We can’t wait to see our friends and partners again“

Robert Bruno

Head of Sales Leather and Glass Industry, SAUERESSIG

"Particularly in our industry, which is characterised by technically complex products, multi-layered processes and high design and quality requirements, we attach great importance to working out customised solutions together in personal discussions. Therefore, we are particularly pleased that at glasstec we will once again have every opportunity to provide direct and individual advice on the versatile options for roller design as well as surface processing.“

Dr. Daniel Schippan

Managing Partner, GmbH

"Finally, after a four-year break, the glass world is meeting again in Düsseldorf for Glasstec.
The industry is facing many challenges in the areas of energy, environmental and climate protection.
I am looking forward to discussing and advancing diverse solutions and approaches to solutions with
global experts "face to face".

Philipp Kappus

Manager, Rothbaum Consulting Engineers

„Due to our focus on the glass and building supply industry, glasstec is a very valuable event for us factory planners and digitalisation experts. We are looking forward to the personal exchange to maintain and expand our network!“

Grant Bailey

Technical Director, EME GmbH

“Nothing is better than being able to meet face to face with customer on site to review their needs in person an evaluate the technical possibilities in their batch plants”.

Antonio Ortega

CEO – Chief Executive Officer, TUROMAS

„We are very excited about our special appointment at Glasstec after almost three years without having the opportunity to meet with our customers and partners. The Turomas team looks forward to your visit to our booth.“

Craig Howard

International Managing Director, PCT Global Pty Ltd | EnduroShield

"At EnduroShield, we pride ourselves on being known for our impactful experiences. Face-to-face connection is imperative in our mission to build relationships that stand the test of time. We are a social species, wired to connect through our desire for interpersonal relationships. Going live at Glasstec 2022 gives us the opportunity to share ideas and experiences and build personal connections. We are excited to reacquaint with old friends and welcome new ones into the EnduroShield family.”

Zahra Mohamed

International Marketing Manager, Middle East Glass Magazine

„Fairs build confidence in mutually profitable business relations. We, as Middle East Magazine, believe it’s our chance in establishing business relations and extending international cooperation.“

John Smith

Executive Chairman of Trumeter Group with key responsibility for Strategy and Business Development

„Finally! Meeting everyone face to face. Seeing all the new products & technologies from our customers. Sharing all the IoT and other products that Trumeter has developed in the last 4 years.  Having a glass of wine with old friends.“

Josef Hinkel

Deputy Mayor of the City of Düsseldorf

"We are very much looking forward to the visitors from all parts of the world filling the city with life! I wish glasstec and all participants every success, good business deals and promising contacts for the personal reunion on this unique innovation platform." Josef Hinkel, Deputy Mayor of the City of Düsseldorf."

Ole Friedrich

Managing Director Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH

„Enjoy your stay in the most beautiful city on the Rhine, where a wide variety of hotels await you and where - even after the trade fair - good conversations with excellent food become an experience.“

Peter Oswald

Managing Director, Business Unit Glass Processing Equipment, BENTELER

„Our commitment to glass is our motivation! As the first exhibitor for glasstec 2022, we from BENTELER look forward to meeting our long-time customers, suppliers, colleagues and friends from the glass industry live again!“

Carsten Pieper

Hotel Operations Manager, Trimont Hotels

"The Holiday Inn Express Düsseldorf North has recently been renovated and is long awaiting the return of international Fair guests. The entire team is excited to welcome back glasstec visitors."

Axel Ziegler

General Manager Hyatt Regency in Düsseldorf

"Finally pursuing our passion again: Indulging guests and experiencing personal communication."

Daniela Fette

Generaldirektorin, Hotel Kö59 Düsseldorf

"We are all happy and relieved to be your host again. I am looking forward to a great networking event.”

Dr. Sebastian Woltz

Sales Director, EME GmbH

“glasstec is not only the place to stay updated on the industry’s most important advancements, but also a place where glassmakers explain their needs. I can’t wait to see what our clients want from us and how we can overcome their expectations.”

Petra Cullmann

Executive Director, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

"Finally meeting people again, exchanging ideas and experiencing the trade fair in all its facets. I am really looking forward to it! See you at glasstec 2022!"

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Knaack
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Schneider

Professors at Institute fof Structural Mechanics and Design / TU Darmstadt

„Of course we are looking forward to glasstec - and especially to the special show glass technology live! And really everyone who is involved in building with glass meets here - really everyone!“

Peter Nischwitz

Head of Marketing / Corporate Communication
Glaston Germany GmbH

„Finally being able to experience the glasstec live again ist like scoring the winning in overtime."

Dr. Johann Overath

Director General BV Glas

„Climate neutrality in 2045 cannot be achieved without glass as a material. I am delighted that at the next glasstec we will one again be able to show politicians and the public 'live' what the German glass industry is capable of achieving in terms of decarbonization.“

José Luis Vélez

Managing Director, Interglass

„This isn’t a “back to normal scenario” but a “back to a new reality”. We’re looking forward to finding out the new customer concerns and needs on a global stage. Rules have changed for everyone, let’s see the outcome after COVID.“

Sebastien De Grauwe

Founder & CEO - HeronTrack

„I am excited to meet interesting glass professionals to inspire them with our unique tracking solution for stillages.

And, of course, live again … finally!“

Dave Dineff

Global Marketing Director
Agr International

„We are anxious to get back to face-to-face discussions with our customers. We have a number of new products for the industry and the best way to introduce them is through high qualitiy events like glasstec.“

Jochen Grönegräs

Managing Director - German Federal Flat Glass Association

„I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet the members of the BF in person again - because they will certainly all be at glasstec this time."

Markus Gruber

Senior Vice President
Business Unit Glass at Grenzebach Group

„glasstec is the meeting place for the international glass industry. I look forward to seeing all customers, partners and visitors again.“

Dr. Christoph Hermanns

Managing Director MDI
Advanced Processing GmbH

„Seeing our customers, business partners and colleagues in 'real life' again. If that's not a reason to look forward to glasstec 2022.“

Hermann Fimpeler

Federal Guild Master North Rhine-Westphalia

"Experiencing innovations, meeting people and sharing expert knowledge again. That's what I'm personally looking forward to the most!"

Jon P. Duprey

President | New Hudson Corporation

„We are more than ready to engage with friends, colleagues & customers in Düsseldorf in next September!“

Dipl.-Ing. Ernst Uhing

President of the Chamber of Architects North Rhine-Westphalia

„I am very pleased that the Chamber of Architects North Rhine-Westphalia, together with Messe Düsseldorf will be organizing the International Architecture Congress on building with glass for the eighth time as part of glasstec. And with a view into the future: 'Vision - Sustainable Architecture with Glass'."

Bertrand Mercier

Business Unit Glass Vice President

„I am very excited to meet live again our glass community, our customers, our partners and friends. See you soon at glasstec 2022!“

Egbert Wenninger

Chairman of the VDMA Glass Technology Forum

„Glass is coming home! glasstec was gone for a long time. For me it will feel like coming home in 2022.“

Salvatore Ruggiero

Vice President Marketing and Communication | SCHOTT AG

“Pure networking" – talking, exchanging ideas and coming together. I am very much looking forward to the live platform glasstec 2022.”

Joachim Schmid

VDMA Construction – Equipment and Plant Engineering

“No matter how efficient digital communication may be, it will never be able to replace the leading trade show as a marketplace. I look forward to being challenged again with all my senses at glasstec in Düsseldorf.”

Rob Nijsse

TU Delft

“Delft University of Technology looks forward to display the Ziptruss at the upcoming glasstec. It will demonstrate the advancements on glass related technology we made in the Covid 19 months."

Thomas Lippold

Deputy Federal Guild Master of the Glazier Trade

„I am very much looking forward to glasstec 2022 because I will meet all my long-term suppliers, colleagues and friends from the glass industry in person again. My personal highlight will be the elimination competition of the German glass construction participants for the EuroSkills in St. Petersburg 2023."