Exhibitor statements glasstec 2018

Zoran Skoric, Area Sales Manager, Josep Castro, Area Sales Manager, Pujol, Barcelona, Spain
Pujol is specialized in making industrial ovens for different applications such as ceramics, metallurgical, chemical or glass. The glass sector is the main area of thier business. Mr. Zoran indicates that Pujol sets itself apart from many others: "We produce in Spain and if outside the country, then in Europe and not in low-wage countries." On the importance of glasstec, Mr. Castro emphasizes: "We have a very large international network spanning more than 85 countries. glasstec is essential for us to meet our customers, and the show attracts more international guests each year. The location Germany is perfect, because at the moment we have a cooperation with the TU Munich. "

Doug Marren, Architectural Business Manager, Julia Schimmelpennigh, Industry Technical Manager, Michael Ondrus, Market Development Manager, Department Eastman Chemical Company, St. Louis, USA
Eastman is a large international chemical company with approximately 14.000 employees and many product divisions. Some divisions are involved in the subject of glass, that is why visiting glasstec has been part of the Eastman program since the fair began. Mrs. Schimmelpennigh says: "An important topic at the moment is the technology and the production of large glass surfaces with extraordinary product properties, and the demands are increasing as, for example, the architecture of large buildings becomes more and more demanding." Mr. Ondrus adds: "The design factor is just as important as functionality, with energy efficiency and sound absorbtion as examples."
Lee Changhoon, AETP (Advanced Engineering Technology Provider), President, Gongdan, Korea
The Korean Manager takes part at glasstec for the first time and Mr. Changhoon is very pleased to have the opportunity to take this photo interview: "Around us are so many bigger exhibiton stands and so we are very happy that even small specialist companies get a platform." Especially as he has already met many Koreans and he likes to represent the region. Atglassteconly seven companies of Korea are exhibitors. He states: "Even if we present only the issue Plasma technology, so we have a strong glass industry in Korea."
Mari Lehtinen, Marketing Communications Manager, Glaston Finland, Tampere, Finland
"Our company exists for 50 years and we create machines for glass manufacturing", starts Ms. Lehtinen. "glasstec has the best organization compared to all the other trade fairs and we do not need much to worry about everything here, from catering to electrical systems. "At each fair Glaston presents their new products for the first time. This year, two presentations per day will be streamed from Finland. "If you are interested: the show starts at 11h and 15h," says a delighted Ms. Lehtinen.
Alessandro Mulazzani, Export Sales Manager, Elephant SRL, Coriano, Italy
The company Elephant mainly deals with moving and transporting glass and similar products. For Mr. Mulazzani it is the first glasstec as an exhibitor. Previously, he was a visitor at the fair. He states: "We would like to open up new distribution channels, we score with tailor-made solutions for individual applications and we do not have a maximum weight or handling limitations. We work a lot with vacuum and we are curious what kind of innovation we will find at the glasstec." As a special highlight Mr. Mulazzani perceives the city of Düsseldorf and its attractions: "Especially the public transport works exemplary."
Kendy Chen, Manager of Export & Import, Shandong Huibaichuan New Material Co., China
Shandong Huibaichuan New Materials is a high-tech enterprise in speciality carbon blacks research, production and sales, located in Jinan, Shandong. It was founded in 2008. Ms. Chen is visiting the glasstec for the second time: "One of our major customers is almost next door and meeting him was the reason for the booth, but of course we also meet other customers from all over the world." As a comparison Ms. Chen called the fair China Glass: "We were there more often, but in comparison, the glasstec is bigger and very well organized."
Bas Van den Dorpel, Owner and René Van den Dorpel, DinterS, Vlissingen, Netherlands
The company owner Bas Van den Dorpel has a lot of industry experience. Two years ago he founded his own company: "As an employee, I was often at glasstec, now I represent my own interests", he says proudly. "Our machine sprays and coats glass bottles in the last third of the production chain for giving lost stability. Bottles are getting more and more thinner because of saving material." His expectations have been fulfilled so far. He concludes: "With my own company, glasstec makes double fun." Togehter they are a great team as family members and colleagues.