Visitor statements glasstec 2018

Andrew Walker, Research & Development Supervisor, Pollard Windows & Doors, Burlington, Canada
"The glasstec is very large and, above all, covers all aspects that we, as window and door manufacturers, need." the visitor points out and continues: "Although 80% of our core market is in Canada, the glasstec is a must for us and the industry is very exciting as our country has great potential for private development, because many people want to enjoy the benefits of double and triple glazing, that hasn't been standard quality for years."

Janet Bloemers and Herman Bloemers, DGA, Aluvo, Niewleusen, Netherlands
Mr. Bloemers visits glasstec for the fifth time: "This time my wife is with me, that is why we are here between the great works of art made of glass. We will probably buy something for our home", Mr. Bloemers says enthusiastically. His work for the company Aluvo is dealing with the production of windows and doors and at the fair he wishes to receive inspiration for new ideas. He further states: "One of the advantages of glasstec is the internationality and that all come together, who play an important role in the glass industry, no matter from which country, the knowledge is high."

Philipp Becker, Executive Manager, Tanja Tessmer, Assistent CFO, Axel Vogelsang, Executive Director, Glas Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
The three representatives of the company Glas Vogelsang have been to the glasstec several times. Their core business consists of a flat glass refinement with attached glass construction and in addition a wholesale belongs to the company. About their first impressions they announce: "Compared to the past, today it is rather quiet. Although there are fixed dates, we take time for new impressions and inspirations."

Gurvender Singh, Procekt Manager, Jeet & Jeet Glass and Chemicals P.Lt., Jaipur, India
Mr. Singh is on his way to his business appointments, that is why he has little time for the interview, because:"glasstec is the best place for business talks and for new-business", he explains. The long journey proved to be worthwhile, a lot of representatives from the glass industry come togehter.
"In our region we are already well known as a manufacturer of insulated and bulletproof glass. At glasstec I have the chance to get new impressions, see what is state of the art in the market and to get in touch with new customers in a very short period of time." glasstec will be placed in his diary in the future, of course.

Jörg Szybalski, CEO, TrueX Management Services AG, Switzerland
The Swiss owner of a consulting company for business development specializes in the market introduction of consulting-intensive technical products. The entrepreneur concludes: "The exhibitors at glasstec present a great deal of innovations, and we help those who are surprised when demand does not meet expectations - there are some groundbreaking novelties, but nobody knows them."

Frank Cholewik, PlusKon Konstruktionsbüro, Germany
The freelancer comes from Frankfurt/Main area and has a core competence mechanical constructions for screen printing machines and digital printing machines for bottle glasses. He visits glasstec for the first time and stays two days to explore as much as possible. He says: "Partly, I've been successful and completed customer appointments, otherwise I'm learning about product innovation and looking for input to further develop my work."
Vera Popkova, Sergey Valgin, Director, Makromer, Vladimir, Russia
Sergey Valgin is leading a production company for glass production in Russia and took two days to attend the fair. He is accompanied by a longtime friend, who also works in the glass industry. We meet them booth in the exhibition "glass art", because it is a good place to reflect impressions and to see what glass has to offer in the artistic field as well. He summarizes: "Germany and Italy in particular have developed many product innovations that we as a company and the glass industry in Russia in general can learn from. And especially in the field of machinery, I enjoy being inspired to take home new ideas."