at glasstec 2014

glasstec 2014

Be it glass manufacturers, glass machinery, glazier trade or photovoltaics and solar energy – glasstec covers the entire value chain of glass with all its facets.

Here the top representatives of machine and plant engineering for glass manufacturing and further processing, the initiators of the glass industry as well as the suppliers from the world of glass meet each other. Research and development and crafts are also prominently represented.

Unique worldwide, it provides a comprehensive picture of the entire glass supply chain process and a top-class ancillary programme with special shows and congresses.

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Düsseldorf, Exhibition Complex
Halls: 9 -17
Open Area and Congress Center

Opening hours

21 - 24 October 2014

Opening hours
Daily 9.00 am - 6.00 pm

Admission fees

1-day ticket (reduced): Online: 28 € (18 €)/ On site: 40 € (18 €)
2-day ticket: Online: 44 €/ On site: 58 €
Season ticket: Online: 69 €/ On site: 85 €
Catalog: Online/ On site: 22 € To the Ticket Shop

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