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Alberto Oliva

Lager/Material, Logistik, Transport

Camino de Villanueva 20
28880 Meco (Madrid), Spain

+34 918860061

+34 918860086


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, aucillary equipment and fittings
  • 04.02  Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Our products

Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools


Furniture industry - bevelling

Metal-and-resin-bonded tools used in bevelling machines (straight-line, contouring, manual or CNC). 'pomdi' offers a set of high-performance resin-bonded grinding wheels for straight-line machines designed to produce perfect quality bevels (both flat edge and turbo).

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Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools


Furniture industry - Cutting

This section includes the following tools:

Discs: DCutting discs for all glass types – monolithic, laminated and fire-resistant. We supply 3 types of disc – segmented, semi-continuous and continuous-rim – which are used in both vertical and manual (radial) cutting machines.
Milling Tools: We offer milling tools of various diameters and lengths used mainly in CNC machines to mill shaped glass. These tools can be used to perform all types of glass cutting.

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Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools


Furniture industry - Edging

The grinding wheels used in this type of manufacture are either cup-type or peripheral. As with bevelling, metal- and resin-bonded grinding wheels are used. Cup wheels are used in straight-line or variable-angle edging machines and in bilateral edging machines. We supply 4 types of cup grinding wheels:

Mitre: Grinding wheels with a very thick diamond layer used in position 1 on variable-angle machines

L & M: One of our leading products. These are extremely high-performance grinding wheels used to work all glass types (both monolithic and laminated).

Continuous: These are standard metal-bonded and continuous-rim wheels.

Resin: These are available in flat and turbo versions and are used in machines designed to achieve very high finish quality.

We offer peripheral grinding wheels with a comprehensive range of edging profiles and can also make profiles to order in any diameter and for any glass thickness. Our speciality is CNC machines, for which we offer latest-generation metal-bonded wheels capable of working at high feed velocities with minimal deformation.

For this type of machine we also offer “finishers” with a minimum diameter of 10 mm for trapezoidal and pencil edging.

We have also recently started to offer new reinforced grinding wheels for laminated glass. These grinding wheels have a very hard reinforced centre to prevent wheel distortion caused by the abrasiveness of polyvinyl butyral.

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Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools


Furniture industry - Drilling

We offer a very wide range, from extendible drill bits of various diameters to high cutting-power thin-wall bits. This section also includes our range of countersinks:

Those used to achieve a high-quality finish when polishing the faces of drilled holes in tempered glass.

The high cutting-power “spinning-top-type” used to make large countersinks in glass.

We also offer made-to-order internally cooled countersinks designed for glass basins that can be adapted to satisfy each client's particular requirements.

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Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools


Furniture industry - Grooving

Metal- and resin-bonded wheels for angle and radii (concave) incisions. These are used in straight-line and CNC contouring machines and in manual grooving work.

They are also used to produce shapes such as sheets, stems, ovals, bores, olives and circles, as well as to grind hollow glass pieces such as glasses, tumblers, jugs and decorative elements.

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About us

Company details

The enterprise Herramientas de Diamante, S.A., under the trade name of "POMDI", saw its beginning in the manufacturing of diamond tools over 40 years ago.

From its beginning, all its effort has been aimed to offer guarantee, quality and service to its customers.

Nowadays, POMDI has quality worldwide, introducing all technological and experimental knowledge into the manufacturing of the best product at the lowest price, always trying to satisfy the customer.

Our Enterprise is Registered under the Standard of Quality ISO 9001 and 14001.

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Company data

Sales volume

0,5-1 Mio US $

Export content

max. 25%

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Area of business

Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxilliary equipment and fittings

Target groups
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
  • Architecture / Construction