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  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.07  Processed flat glass
  • 03.07.02  Transparent glass facade systems
  •  Structural-sealant-glazing facades

Our products

Product category: Structural-sealant-glazing facades


Semi-tempered glass in load-bearing structures

GEWE-tvg ® is manufactured in our Nossen and Lommatzsch factories in accordance with EN 1863 and has a general approval by
construction authorities – DIBt No. Z-70.4-67.

GEWE-tvg ® is manufactured through heating the glass in a targeted way and through controlled cooling. The mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance lies between the values relating to float glass and ESG. As laminated safety glass, GEWE-tvg ® is used in instances where the strength and the temperature resistance of float glass is not enough and where ESG, because of its delicate fragmentation when shattered, does not provide the required level of protection. Semi-tempered glass cannot be further processed after manufacture.

For this reason, GEWE-tvg ® is the ideal product for further processing into laminated safety glass. In this combination, a safety glass is created for strengthening, partition walls, point-glazing and overhead glazing, which combines above all, constructive safety features with active and passive safety features in an optimally manufactured product.

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Product category: Structural-sealant-glazing facades


The new lightness in construction and architecture

GEWE-composite® is the name given to a new high-tech material which creates a symbiosis of the properties of glass and transparent polymers and boasts weight saving of up to 30 %. GEWE-composite® is a laminated glass, consisting of two (or more) thin mono glasses (from 1.9 mm thick), which are stuck in a shear connection using a transparent plastic core. The complexity of the characteristics found in GEWEcomposite® enables a variety of improved applications in the field of construction.

Benefits of GEWE-composite®:

Significant weight reduction of up to 30 %
High resistance to breakage and residual load bearing capacity
Integration of fixing elements possible
Maximum design freedom in construction and dimensions through an innovative cold-bent glass without elastic recovery
High UV permeability (depending on application)

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Product category: Structural-sealant-glazing facades

GEWE-dur® und GEWE-dur®- H

Toughened safety glass for the highest standards

The protected trademarks GEWE-dur® and GEWE-dur®-H are single panes of safety glass and meet all requirements which are made on modern thermally toughened glass: 4 – 5 x greater flex resistance compared to untreated flat glass (stable tension status), increased resistance to impact, shock and hail, thermal shock resistance, lower risk of injury, i. e. with excessive mechanical stress the pane breaks into blunt-edged, loosely connected fragments.

GEWE-dur®-H is a special, thermally toughened, hot-stored sodalime single pane safety glass produced in accordance with EN14179, for which spontaneous breakage can be largely excluded. Special application safety has to be guaranteed, especially in the construction sector. Therefore this product, which undergoes the heat soak test, corresponds with the standards of the German construction code and as such is a regulated construction product, which in individual cases would not require special approval.

The SCHOLLGLAS group produces GEWE-dur® high-grade toughened safety glass in modern furnaces in accordance with EN 12150 and ESG GEWE-dur®-H in accordance with EN 14179. This is done at several production sites in Europe and as such the company is always in the position to offer its customers optimum value for money for any kind of application.

The applications and uses for GEWE-dur®/GEWE-dur®-H range from interior glass applications, e.g. furniture, doors, showers, room dividers, to external security applications, such as all-glass facades and window glazing. In addition, specific areas with large thermal loads are covered.

In a further production step, GEWE-dur®/GEWE-dur®-H is also processed to become laminated safety glass, heat or sun protection glass, alarm glass and insulation glass. Information about the variety of tempered coatings for float glass and further technical details are available on request from our technical support team.

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Product category: Structural-sealant-glazing facades


Safety glass for all areas

Laminated safety glass represents a high level of safety, versatile functionality in the most various of application areas and simultaneously retains the aesthetic visual appearance of the glass. GEWE-safe® provides the solution to many architectural challenges.

The GEWE-safe® laminated safety glass consists of two or more panes of glass complete with intermediate layers manufactured from highly tear-proof, clear transparent polyvinyl butyral films (PVB). The glass and the films are bonded into an inseparable unit in an autoclave at high temperature and with high levels of pressure (EN 12543). In the event that the glass breaks, almost all of the broken fragments would adhere to the PVB films and the panes remain in the frame as a complete unit.

In order to prevent chips or fragments to fall of in the event of breakage, the façade glazing is increasingly manufactured from laminated safety glass. The GEWE-safe® can even be used for point-retained glazing systems – usually comprising of tempered panes of glass.

Application areas of GEWE-safe®:

Overhead glazing
Parapets and railings
Façades / windows / display windows
Sports complexes
Partition walls
Accessible glass
Floor-to-ceiling glazing
Glazing of animal cages, open-air enclosures, aquariums
Doors in various designs
Glazing in banks, military compounds or in business buildings

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Product category: Structural-sealant-glazing facades


Solar glass – Energy Saving. With a clear view!

Low iron special glass and anti-reflective surfaces result in increased levels of light and energy transmission values.
Low iron Floatglass, structured and prismatic GEWE-solar®
glass fulfils the highest requirements, as proven by numerous certificates.
The efficiency of photovoltaic modules and solar collectors is increased with GEWE-solar®.
Flexible production capacities for toughened safety glass ensure very high supply reliability.

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Exceeding expectations mean that customers like coming back.
That’s why SCHOLLGLAS clearly positioned and consistently orientated itself around various customer segments.
As a result, our customers benefit not only from the independence but also from the networking of our 20 companies. The resulting transfer of technology and experience makes it possible to achieve synergy that benefits our customers.
Our innovative developments and our own patents as well as our competence to detect trends early, and to be able to service them thoroughly by increased sales activities: These, are the merits of the “all-round supplier” SCHOLLGLAS and its partnership-like way of doing business. With its expertise in production and trade, the SCHOLLGLAS group has taken a dominant share of the total European glass market.

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