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Roeland Brugman

Lager/Material, Logistik, Transport

Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Joris Goossens

Fertigung, Produktion

Eindhoven, Netherlands

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  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.05  Measuring and testing technology/Software
  • 05.05.03  Process control

Process control

  • 06  Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

Contracting, consulting, engineering, services

  • 07  Research and teaching, trade literature, trade associations and organisations
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Reseach institutes and projects

About us

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As a worldwide recognized technology and knowledge providers, CelSian Glass & Solar B.V. (former TNO Glass Group) provides industrial contract research, technological solutions and consultancy to the global glass and solar market. This Dutch group assists companies in optimizing their glass and solar production and innovating their related products.

CelSian is globally well-known for their fundamental knowledge on the complex glass melting, forming and coating processes. Additional to the industrial application and transfer of the process knowledge, also dedicated tools and technologies like e.g. process simulation software, supervisory control systems, sensors are within the scope delivery. Laboratorial measurements are common practice within the industrial and research projects, required to support the analysis of the relevant processes and to qualify the product specifications. Industrial measurements are executed to help the production sites to e.g. quantify the potential of energy savings resulting from simple process optimization steps as well as application of BAT (Best Available Technologies) technologies or innovative solutions; additionally they define a blue-print of the environmental impact of the production.

CelSian has available, next to the in-house laboratories, an industrial infrastructure for pilot scale glass production. Small volumes of newly developed and/or specific glass (products) are produced for and provided to international customers. This production site is also equipped to trail new technological solutions on a pilot scale, before upscaling the technology to full industrial scale.

CelSian covers traditional areas of glass production covering float, container, table, fibres and technical glass. Besides supporting the glass producers, CelSian also works for the equipment and raw material suppliers.

Within the solar market, CelSian supports their customers in optimization and innovating their solar dedicated processes like the production of ultra-clear glass, solar grade silicon, thin-film glass substrates and deposition processes as applied in silicon based and the thin-film PV applications.

Besides the industrial projects, CelSian also facilitates the international GLASS TREND platform (GLASS Technology REsearch and New Developments, set up in 2000) which is an international open platform for pre-competitive, cost sharing research work. Glass Trend has a directive board consisting of people from the industry and CelSian. After prioritizing the requirements from the market, multi-customer R&D projects are defined and executed within which generic issues are addressed and solved. Additional to the present knowledge and available technologies within the glass industry, disciplines and technologies out of different industrial domains are combined in order to generate innovative solutions or new valuable knowledge. Within many projects, developments are running on topics like energy reduction, new measurement technologies, emissions, refractory, corrosion, Advanced Process Control. Additional to the projects, a lot of activities are scheduled every year to organise effective ways of knowledge transfer; two 2-day workshops on selected issues, several training courses and study tours are organised to enable a valuable exchange of information. (www.glasstrend.nl)

At this moment 17 of the largest 20 glass manufacturers worldwide are Glass Trend members. Along with smaller glass producers and leading material and equipment suppliers, total number of participating companies after 10 years has grown to 45+.


Process simulation software for equipment design & process optimization (Hot end)
Process simulation software for detailed Energy Balance Modelling
Web-based & Global Furnace Energy Efficiency benchmarking portal
Software based & fully integrated Operations Support Systems (Hot end) for real-time:
Advanced Process Control
Process monitoring / 3D Soft SensingEnergy efficiency monitoring
Predictive process analysis / what-if scenario’sCO & O2 measuring
Glass dedicated research equipmentCO & O2 sensors
Mobile laboratory for industrial energy & emission measurements
Industrial measurements for Energy & Emissions
Energy reduction programs
Glass Technology courses
Contract research
Glass composition / product development
Pilot glass production
Glass defects analysis
Consultancy & process trouble-shooting
Equipment design evaluation & optimization
Glass Trend

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2,5-5 Mio US $

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> 75%

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Area of business
  • Glass manufacture / Production technology
  • Glass products and applications
  • Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • Contracting, Consulting, Engineering, Services
  • Research and teaching, trade literature, trade associations and organisations
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Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing