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  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.07  Equipment for glass tube production

Equipment for glass tube production

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
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  • 01.11.01  Components and accessories (suppliers to the glass machinery industry)

Components and accessories (suppliers to the glass machinery industry)

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  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
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Spare parts and consumables

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
  • 02.11.03  Insulating materials

Insulating materials

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.03  Automotive glass
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Our products

Product category: Equipment for glass tube production


Within the glass industry, TUFF TEMP tubing has long been used as protective roller covers within the hot end of automotive glass bending and tempering ranges. TUFF TEMP tubing is used as a protective roller covering on press bending rollers, blasthead rollers, and cooling rollers.
TUFF TEMP seamless tubing is currently being used by many of the world's largest flat glass manufacturers. In addition, TUFF TEMP tubing is also supplied OEM to many of the leading manufacturers of horizontal bending and tempering range equipment.
Our TUFF TEMP seamless woven tubing and TUFFNIT tubing are the ideal protective covering for your rollers because:

•TUFF TEMP tubing has proven temperature resistance up to 1350º F 732º C, making it ideal to handle the higher temperatures experienced in the press bending section of the range
•Using large mechanically enhanced Kevlar yarns, TUFF TEMP tubing has superior cut resistance, so it better resists tearing from glass breakage – a common failure point amongst competing roller cover materials
•TUFF TEMP seamless tubing adheres well to your rollers with virtually no slack or creases, providing superior optics on the hot glass

Many of today's automotive windshields and backlites are increasingly more complex in their curvature. TUFF TEMP tubing provides superior optics on even the most severely curved windshields and backlites.

•Our new TUFFNIT tubing has been designed to be used as a 1 piece cover on the rollers. Traditionally, within most automotive glass bending and tempering ranges, two roller cover materials have been used on the individual rollers - an underlayer covering and an outerlayer covering. The two piece covering was used because it provided better cushioning, increased roller diameters, and slightly longer material life. However, our new TUFFNIT tubing has been engineered to be used as a 1 piece covering on the rollers, allowing you to eliminate all costs and man-hours associated with using and handling an underlayer material. This provides significant cost savings on time and materials. In addition, in head to head testing at several leading automotive glass plants, TUFFNIT's material wear life regularly exceeded that of the two piece covering, providing significant cost savings in production.

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Product category: Components and accessories (suppliers to the glass machinery industry)

TV Glass

(For conveyance of both hot panel and funnel glass)
It is no accident that more television glass is conveyed on Tuff Temp Conveyor Belting than all other types of material combined. If superior belt performance, excellent cut resistance, durability and unmatched wear life is your goal - accept no substitutes. Every Tuff Temp belt is pre-stretched prior to shipment and is available cut to length, pre-laced and with our patented protective lacing cover.

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Product category: Components and accessories (suppliers to the glass machinery industry)


TUFF TEMP Cooling Table Pads are also available in a variety of different thickness', densities and plys. However our 2-ply nominal 1/4" (6 mm) thick and nominal 3/8" (9 mm) thick 100% Kevlar belting, Wear Gard or Wear Gard Plus treated, has proven to be the most cost effective product for your handling system. Pads can be custom fabricated to your specific width and length requirements, up to a 24" (610 mm) width maximum, with no defined limitation on length.

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Product category: Tools


TUFF TEMP Corp. manufactures a unique Endless Transfer Belt that combines both superior heat and abrasion with outstanding mechanical performance

TUFF TEMP can provide unmatched levels of durability and wear life for your handling systems. However, for Endless Transfer Belts, mechanical performance issues, such as minimal belt stretch and proper belt tracking are equally important and TUFF TEMP exerts 25+ years of engineering expertise to ensure a high standard on these measures.

All TUFF TEMP Transfer Belts are joined endless using a unique splice that contains only 100% Kevlar non-marking textile materials and functions as a virtually seamless joint. The strength, integrity and dimensional stability of this join is excellent Belts can be driven on pulleys as small as 3" (75 mm) in diameter and belt stretch has consistently proven to be minimal.

Any potential belt stretch is also further controlled through our use of pre-stretched belts. Prior to installing the endless splice, all transfer belts are either Wear Gard treated or Water Stretched treated in one of our in house curing ranges. Both treatments subject the belting to a high degree of tension during operation, effectively pre-stretching it before it runs on your system. Once pre-stretched, the belting is carefully measured to your defined length specification, and our unique splice is then installed.

All TUFF TEMP Endless Transfer Belts are fabricated and thoroughly inspected to exacting standards for consistency in both width and straightness throughout the length of the belting, including the spliced area. With a high degree of dimensional stability and consistency in both width and lack of curvature, TUFF TEMP ensures good tracking on your conveyors, with minimal belt travel.
Densely Woven, 100% Kevlar Tuff Temp Endless Transfer Belts
TUFF TEMP Endless Transfer Belts are custom fabricated to your specific width and length (up to a 24" or 610 mm maximum width, and no defined limitation on length). Belt thickness can vary from a nominal 1/4" (6 mm) to a nominal 3/8" (9 mm), dependent upon which TUFF TEMP belt pattern and treatment is selected.
It is our pleasure to supply you with No Charge product samples for head to head comparison testing. This is the best way for us to prove our value to you, and we welcome the opportunity to do so!

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Product category: Insulating materials


TUFF TEMP Kevlar Oven Roller Tapes and Ropes are used as a spiral wrap on the quench rolls of horizontal tempering ranges. Our TUFF TEMP Roller Tapes and Ropes are used to help convey and protect the hot glass during the rapid cool down process.
During the thermal tempering process glass is heated up in the range at temperatures nearing the melting point. Soon thereafter the glass exits the furnace and is rapidly quenched with cool air to strengthen it. As the glass exits the furnace it is conveyed over a series of cold metal rollers. These quench rollers are spirally wrapped with our TUFF TEMP Kevlar Oven Roller Tapes or Ropes, to prevent the still hot glass from picking up unacceptable thermal checks.
Today, TUFF TEMP Kevlar Oven Roller Tapes and Ropes are supplied to most of the world's largest horizontal tempering range manufacturers. Our customers include the leading horizontal tempering range OEM's in all corners of the world. In addition to supplying the OEM's, TUFF TEMP CORP. also directly supplies numerous secondary glass tempering companies. Our global customers include many of the world's largest flat glass manufacturers as well as many small and mid-size companies as well. Whether a multi-billion dollar multinational company, or a small local startup, all TUFF TEMP customers are treated with the highest level of customer service.
TUFF TEMP woven Kevlar Oven Roller Tapes and Ropes have become the industry standard for flat glass manufacturers and horizontal tempering range OEM's because our Tapes and Ropes have consistently proven to offer unmatched wear life and durability.
In addition to superior wear life, TUFF TEMP woven Kevlar Oven Roller Tapes and square braided Kevlar Ropes offer several performance advantages over other competing roller wrap materials:

Competing roller wrap materials that are round braided ropes, tend to flatten out and get elliptical, especially when running heavier weight glass. This usually leads to uneven roller heights throughout the quench section, causing the glass to skew during processing. TUFF TEMP woven Kevlar Oven Roller Tapes and square braided Kevlar Ropes resist deformation and maintain a consistent roller height throughout the range, even after extended use with running heavier weight glass.
•TUFF TEMP's dense woven and square braided constructions offer superior durability, and highly resists deformation.
•Using only mechanically enhanced Kevlar yarns, all TUFF TEMP Oven Roller Tapes and Ropes are completely non-marking on the glass.

Most competing roller wrap materials that utilize a shinier filament-based Aramid or Aramid blended yarn, tend to leave unacceptable oil marks on many sensitive glass types.
TUFF TEMP woven Kevlar Oven Roller Tapes are manufactured and supplied in three different standard sizes to meet your tempering needs. Also available is our "TUFFCORD" 5.5 mm x 5.5 mm braided square Rope. Noted below for your review, are the part numbers (Pattern), width and thickness specifications for each of our TUFF TEMP Tapes and Ropes

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