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Via Micheli 13, 43056 S. Polo di Torrile (PR)
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Michele Tirelli

Lager/Material, Logistik, Transport

Via Micheli 13
43056 S. Polo di Torrile (Parma), Italy

+39 0521 317200

+39 0521 317215


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.09  Kiln technology
  • 01.09.02  Stacker systems

Stacker systems

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.14  Photovoltaic production/Production Technologies
  • 01.14.01  Wafer production
  •  Printing machines

Printing machines

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.03  Edge and surface finishing technology
  • 02.03.06  UV edge taping technology

UV edge taping technology

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.03  Edge and surface finishing technology
  • 02.03.07  Printing technology
  •  Screen printing techniques

Screen printing techniques

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.03  Edge and surface finishing technology
  • 02.03.07  Printing technology
  •  Digital printing technology

Digital printing technology

Our products

Product category: Screen printing techniques


Tecno5 has developed a cnc printing machine for decoration on shaped objects. The CN5 is a 12 sections rotary-based machine. Every printing station is equipped with 5 electronically controlled and synchronised axis, in order to allow printing on surfaces with geometrically developable profiles. A 6th axis is also installed for printing on flat surfaces along the main axis of the object (longitudinal printing).

The cnc electronic package controls the following movements:

1) object rotation,
2) vertical movement of the rotation axis with respect to the screen position
3) linear screen movement along the print development
4) squeege movement parallel to the screen
5) squeege vertical movement
6) squeegee movement along the main axis of the object (independent from the a.m. movements) suitable for flat axial printing

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About us

Company details

Tecno5 from 1986 designs, produces and installs a wide range of machines, from basic semiautomatic units to fully automatic cnc servo-controlled, specialized in direct screen printing on all kinds of shaped hollow-glasses: from the classic tableware to the most sophisticated spirit and cosmetic containers.
Tecno5 also supply a complete line of complementary equipment, such as lehr’s loaders, feeding tables, conveyors, enamel heating devices, UV equipment, vision systems and others.

Tecno5 machines ensures high flexibility, low maintenance time and cost, best colour to colour registration and best quality of mechanic and electronic components for a long life investment.

Tecno5 is part of Cerve S.p.A., a leading Italian decorating company founded in 1953. The Cerve group produces approximately 2.000.000 pieces per day and boasts several plants throughout Italy, thus meaning that Tecno5 machines are fruit of vast experience and know-how, both in screen-printing technic and machine engineering.

The successful business story of Tecno5 is founded on the customer’s care policy: from the analysis of user’s needs, to the design and building of customized technical solutions. Tecno5 offers not only a highly qualified customer service but also a prompt worldwide assistance that covers all aspects of the printing process.

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Company data

Sales volume

2,5-5 Mio US $

Export content

max. 75%

Number of employees




Area of business

Glas processing and finishing

Target groups

Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing