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Product category: Chemical protection material for glass, Other types of special glass, Other coated types of glass

ClearShield Eco-System™

Ritec’s revolutionary new ClearShield Eco-System™ for glass is the first and only technology with performance, added value and profit guaranteed at every step of the glass supply chain - specifier, processor, fabricator, contractor, installer, end user.

The ClearShield Eco-System™ for glass is unique because it is both ‘new and proven’ – a combination of a) new technical and commercial developments with b) proven performance and durability.  This innovative combination adds real value, both tangible and intangible, at each step of the glass supply chain.

The ClearShield Eco-System™ for glass is ‘proven’ because its core technology, the polymeric resin of award-winning ClearShield® durable, “non-stick”, easy-clean glass surface protection has not changed since its introduction in 1981 and  is still the first and only liquid-applied glass surface treatment proven through real life experience to be:

1) "Non-stick" - non-reactive after curing, working like “non-stick” cookware – always much easier to clean and keep clean;

2) Durable – resists attack by Moisture, Alkalinity and Dirt (‘MAD’), the main enemies of glass, maintaining the original visibility, clarity and cleanability;

3) Strong performance – resistant to all types of dirt, organic (e.g. motor vehicle exhaust or traffic film, bird droppings, tree sap) and inorganic (e.g. hard water deposits, building run-off, metal oxides) – suitable for all types of glass, exterior and interior;

4) Versatile – easily applied at any step in the glass supply chain – with opportunities for diversification and differentiation;

5) Energy-saving and “green” – reduces energy requirements for routine glass washing by 50% on average – for lower emissions and carbon footprints as well as savings in time, effort and money;

6) Light-enhancing – maintains original light transmission and day-lighting – for improved productivity and well-being of building occupants; 

7) Anti-microbial – resistant to adhesion and growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi – for applications where hygiene is paramount; 

8) Non-hazardous – not classified as flammable or toxic - for safe and easy application in factory or on-site;

9) Tried and tested over extended periods of time under actual field conditions for all types of glass (new or old, exterior or interior) in all types of locations (urban, countryside, seaside) and in all types of environmental conditions (hot, cold, dry, humid, windy, sandy);

10) Part of a complete system – renovation, protection, maintenance – for solutions to ‘Problem Glass’ with opportunities for diversification and differentiation.

Based on these 10 key advantages, Ritec ClearShield® has developed through actual field experience during more than 35 years a perceived value in each market sector of the flat glass industry. In addition, Ritec has, periodically, improved the proprietary chemical cross-linking system, inhibitors and stabilisers of ClearShield®, which together determine its performance and durability.

The ClearShield Eco-System™ is 'new' because it includes:

– the next generation of award-winning Ritec ClearShield® –
–– further improvements in performance and durability
–– ‘multi-functional’ - works on any glass, anywhere, anytime
–– ‘super-green’ - reduces by 50% on average the energy requirements and carbon emissions for routine washing of architectural glass

– new ways of creating real added value, both tangible and intangible, at each step of the glass supply chain;

– tailor-made business development packages for new business opportunities –
–– diversification – factory or on-site;
–– differentiation against competition.  

The ‘new and proven’ ClearShield Eco-System™ guarantees performance such as maintaining the original:

– light transmission – for visibility and daylighting in buildings, energy output of solar panels both thermal and photovoltaic;
– clarity – for bright and “sparkling” appearance;
– cleanability – for reduced frequency and difficulty of cleaning exterior glazing and improved hygiene for interior glass.

As a result, Ritec now guarantees performance, added value and profit to each company applying the ‘new and proven’ ClearShield Eco-System™ either in factory or on-site, and to their customers.

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Product category: Other surface coating materials

Why Choose Ritecoat

The unique Ritecoat System™ has been specially developed for the on-site renovation, protection and maintenance of aluminium, stainless steel and powder coated surfaces. The System converts ordinary, high maintenance surfaces into low-maintenance, ‘non-stick’ surfaces.

Ritec’s specialist onsite teams renovate metal and powder coated surfaces, restoring them to an ‘as-new’ appearance. The next process is the application of Ritecoat 2200™ or new Ritecoat R625™ (depending on the substrate) to keep them looking like new with easier maintenance.

Working like ‘non-stick’ cookware, Ritecoat surfaces:
- Are much easier to clean and keep clean, eliminating the need for harsh and abrasive cleaning methods
- Resists staining and discolouration, keeping their as-new appearance and performance for much longer
- Look cleaner and brighter for longer between cleaning – improving general appearance and customer satisfaction

Introduced in 1991, the Ritecoat System™ has a proven track record against weathering, graffiti and chemical attack, in a wide range of environments.

In 2011, Ritec launched Ritecoat R625™ which is even easier to apply with improved performance for stainless steel surfaces. Click here to find out more!

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About us

Company details

Ritec International Ltd is a product and market development company based in North London, England. Ritec specialises in the production, marketing and distribution of transparent, ‘non-stick’, thin-film, durable surface protection technologies. Starting in 1981, Ritec pioneered durable 'non-stick' glass surface protection with ClearShield® as part of a complete system for glass renovation, protection and maintenance. With over 35 years of field experience and proven results, Ritec International is the market leader for durable glass surface protection.

The story of ClearShield began when Stephen and Karen Byers investigated the market potential for low-maintenance glass. They subsequently acquired rights to new technology for glass surface protection. Extensive research and improvements to the original formula followed, and the technology was branded 'ClearShield'. After several years of successful experience under harsh marine conditions, ClearShield was introduced for use on glass on commercial and industrial buildings.

Ritec’s commitment to product development and innovation has seen the introduction of specialist formulations of ClearShield for different types of glass, applied either in the factory onto new glass or onsite on glass already installed. This includes glass used in solar panels.

The ClearShield System has gained wide recognition and acceptance in the processing of glass as the industry and end-users of glass have become increasingly aware of the need to protect glass so that it keeps its promise of clarity, visibility and cleanliness over time. The System is also the winner of numerous industry awards internationally.

Today, hundreds of glass processors and fabricators worldwide enjoy the benefits of the ClearShield System in a wide range of applications, including solar, architectural, decorative, shower, marine and residential glass. Its performance is well recognised by the industry worldwide, with proven results based not only on laboratory tests, but more importantly on many years of experience.

Because of the worldwide demand for surface protection technologies, Ritec has an extensive network of subsidiaries and marketing partners globally offering the extensive range of Ritec products as well as local support to many countries.

Ritec's expertise has allowed the company to develop technologies for the renovation, protection and maintenance of other surfaces. The Ritecoat System™ , for example, was developed for the renovation, protection and maintenance of metals and powder coat surfaces, while the VoltShield System™ was designed to renovate and protect ceramic electrical insulators.

Other specialist products include SE-550 Silicone Eater and Ritepolish, a versatile surface cleaner. Ritec also offer an extensive range of application equipment and accessories, providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for applicators of our unique systems.

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