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  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.06  Forming for hollow glass
  • 01.06.18  Aids for the forming of hollow glass

Our products

Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass


Dura Temp now offers stainless steel takeout tong holders with Protatherm® inserts. The tongs are designed to hold floating-style inserts. They incorporate a snap-in system that allows for easy installation and removal of the inserts. Protatherm® inserts are available in several grades and recommended based on the type of ware, the length of the production run, and preferred method of pick-up. Inserts are supplied either as standard blanks or ready machined to customers’ drawings.

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

Metal Mount Pads (Fingers)

Dura Temp's metal mount series pads (MM/CM) are comprised of DT-2 silicone composite material molded around a metal reinforcing insert. These metal reinforced pads come standard on all of Dura Temp's quick-change pockets. They are crash resistant, easy to change, and available for sweepouts moving ware in either a right or left direction.

Dura Temp's most popular metal mount pad, the CM 262, is enhanced with a long metal insert to increase strength and durability which prevents damage during jams and crashes. The SP 1180 S (straight finger) is also commonly employed by glassmakers running taller ware as it can be used to steady the containers.

Numerous other straight and curved fingers are offered for customized arrangements in sweepout and transfer applications.

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

Lehr Stacker Bars

The products that Dura Temp offers for the lehr furnace area include lehr stacker bars, pocket assemblies, and several material options. Dura Temp’s lehr stacker bar is a twin tube style that allows for the pockets to be adjusted and positioned as necessary. The unique tubular design of the bar allows for ventilation and virtually eliminates warping, resulting in enhanced bottle positioning.

Dura Temp offers two different styles of adjustable pockets for its lehr bar. The first style is a steel pocket that uses a retaining pin to hold two inserts of contact material in place. This pocket style utilizes the DT-10 carbon-fiber-carbon material or the new DT-60 carbon composite material that can withstand extremely high temperature. The second style is a pin-style form whereby the contact material is “dropped on” the adjustable pocket. This pocket style utilizes either solid DT-18 calcium silicate material or two pieces of DT-1 silicone composite material separated by a spacer.

In addition, Dura Temp also offers its universal lehr bar pocket. The design of the pocket allows it to be mounted to Dura Temp’s twin tube style bars, unistrut bars, tube bars, as well as flat bars. It is constructed of cast steel for strength, yet its unique design gives it a similar weight to aluminum pockets. The pocket uses a retaining pin similar to Dura Temp’s current design. However, the pocket can also incorporate a quick-change concept for the inserts.

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

Ware Transfer Deadplates

FortiPhy coated plates are the best choice for ware transfer plate applications in both the hot and cold ends. The specialized coating process results in an extremely hard and smooth surface to enhance glass container transfers from one conveyor to the next.

Made from high-quality materials, the FortiPhySM coated plates offer a much longer service life than standard steel plates and other coatings. The coated plates reduce friction and therefore provide excellent glass-on-metal as well as metal-on-metal wear protection against the conveyor chain. The FortiPhySM coated plates do not require any lubrication and are heat and corrosion resistant.

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

Spacers & Brackets

Spacers and brackets are two components of Dura Temp’s sweepout assemblies that assist with straight-lining the containers onto the conveyor.

Various spacers used on the Generation I and II sweepout assemblies allow for offset adjustment. Generation III sweepout assemblies have the T-bar backplate machined with fixed offsets.

Dura Temp’s sweepout assemblies also utilize either wide or narrow mounting brackets, depending on the sweepout pockets to be used. Some of the brackets will allow for the height of the pocket to be adjusted.

Dura Temp offers retaining springs that can be attached to the mounting brackets to ensure that the pockets are held securely in place. These stainless steel springs provide sufficient tension to the backside of the pocket to maintain proper pocket positioning. Even with the use of the retaining springs, the sweepout pockets can still be easily removed and replaced as necessary.

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

Sweepouts and Deadplates

Proper sweepout assemblies are essential to obtaining the best ware handling in the hot end. Dura Temp offers three generations of sweepout assemblies to achieve the correct combination of adaptability and rigidity necessary for any job. From the entirely adjustable Generation I design, to the completely fixed, solid Generation III design, Dura Temp's lightweight sweepout assemblies can be manufactured for single, double, triple, and quadruple gob configurations.

Fundamental to the design of Dura Temp sweepout assemblies is the drop-on style pockets. Sweepout pockets that slide on and off the assemblies allow for a true “quick-change” system, whereby the pockets can be replaced with little or no downtime. In addition, drop-on pockets also allow for rapid changeover from one container diameter to another.

Some benefits that glassmakers experience by implementing Dura Temp sweepout assemblies include:

- Excellent straight-lining of containers on the machine conveyor
- Easier/faster job changes
- Lower labor requirements
- Reduced machine downtime
- Increased pack rate

Dura Temp also offers Protatherm® deadplates for the sweepout area. Protatherm® deadplates provide the ideal surface for setting the glass container out of the mold, allowing the draw down of cooling air before the containers are swept onto the conveyor. Deadplates are manufactured to individual customer requirements from either a drawing or even a worn sample.

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

Ware Transfer

Dura Temp offers a complete line of products for the transfer area from pads and fingers to molded paddles, ware guide assemblies, and transfer plates. For aligning containers going into or out of the transfer, Dura Temp provides either straight strip-style guides or roller bottle guides. The strip style guides are a lightweight steel construction to dissipate heat and prevent warping. They are made with individual strips of Dura Temp’s DT-1 silicone composite material for easy replacement and are available in a variety of thicknesses. The roller bottle guides consist of free rotating rollers mounted in a steel channel. The roller design presents 360º of contact surface, which increases the life of the guide. In addition, the rollers can be removed and replaced individually.

For transfer applications, Dura Temp offers curved bottle guides, molded transfer paddles, and various pads and fingers. The curved bottle guides are similar in construction to the straight bottle guides, and are used to stabilize the containers through the transfer.

Dura Temp’s molded transfer paddles (MTP) continue the quick-change concept into the transfer area. Made of Dura Temp’s DT-2 material, these paddles are well suited for transfer applications as they can be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled in the event of a build-up of hot-end coating or oil contamination. In addition, they are also reinforced with steel brackets making them extremely durable. Various DT-2 pads and fingers are also available to fit most brands of transfer mechanisms.

Additionally, Dura Temp offers transfer plates made from either DT-80, DT-60 or Protatherm® material, depending on the exact application. The transfer plates ensure that the containers move smoothly from one conveyor to the next.

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

Quick-Change Sweepout Pockets

The unique “drop-on” style of Dura Temp sweepout pockets creates an ease of use that is second to none in the industry. Available in standard components or custom designs, Dura Temp sweepout pockets can be designed to fit almost any sized and shaped container, including flasks, perfume, pharmaceutical, and odd- shaped ware. The quick-change concept of Dura Temp's sweepout pockets allows glassmakers to reduce machine downtime and increase pack rate.

Dura Temp sweepout pockets are made of DT-1 and DT-2, nonconductive silicone composite materials, reinforced with metal for strength. The characteristics of DT-1 and DT-2 materials provide unmatched benefits for glassmakers. These materials:

- Offer low thermal conductivity which prevents thermal shock and glass checks
- Are non-porous to eliminate oil absorption
- Are lubricious to avoid stuck ware
- Are non-abrasive to eliminate physical damage to the glass
- Have high impact strength to resist damage during crashes and jam-ups
- Have high oxidation resistance to eliminate thermal degradation

Dura Temp is pleased to add the very latest innovation in hot ware handling to its line of Sweepout Pockets – the HW Series. This Hybrid product is a combination of the proven (and recently improved) DT-2 material and a new high-temperature, light-weight, carbon composite. This combination of materials has all of the benefits listed above and can withstand extremely high temperatures. In addition, the material is molded directly to steel brackets and requires no welding or special cleaning solutions.

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

Sheet Materials & Cut Parts

Dura Temp offers several materials in flat stock form, including DT-1, DT-18, and DT-80. Customers can machine these materials to fit their specific requirements. Dura Temp can also provide cut parts machined from these materials.

Dura Temp’s DT-1 material is a special silicone composite developed specifically for hot glass handling applications. This exclusive formula combines low thermal conductivity, lubricity, low abrasion, and high impact strength. In addition to those characteristics, DT-1 is also resistant to fluid absorption, which is critical in applications where swabbing and lubrication are present. High speed steel or carbide tooling is recommended for machining this material. Flat stock sizes include cross sections up to 12” (304.8mm) x 12” (304.8mm) in thicknesses of 1/8” (3.2mm), 1/4″ (6.4mm), 3/8” (9.5mm) and 1/2″ (12.7mm).

Dura Temp offers DT-80, one of its carbon-fiber-carbon materials, in sheet form. DT-80 is made using woven carbon fiber layers. Water-jet cutting and carbide tooling are recommended methods of machining for this material. Please contact us for sizes and availability.

Dura Temp’s DT-18 is a calcium-silicate hydrate material. This material is easily machined using standard tooling, and can be tapped. Flat stock sizes include cross sections up to 48” (1219.2mm) x 48” (1219.2mm) in thicknesses of 1/2” (12.7mm), 1” (25.4mm), 1 ½” (38.1mm), and 2”(50.8mm).

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

Gob Forming and Mold Top Plates

Dura Temp offers several products for the gob forming process of glass manufacturing, specifically gob guide funnels and gob deflectors. Both the funnels and deflectors are made from Protatherm® materials. The gob guide funnels are made to individual customer specifications. Gob deflector plates(or gob interceptors) can be delivered ready to use or as blank sheets for end-user machining. Protatherm® materials provide superior machinability.

Dura Temp is also pleased to offer Protatherm® mold top plates and protection plates. Mold top plate inserts can be supplied in any diameter and thickness (typically between 4 and 8mm), with a blank ID for machining to any size. Alternatively, we can work to customer-supplied bore profiles and supply the inserts ready to use. Stainless steel protection plates are available in a variety of diameters and bore size.

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About us

Company details

Dura Temp Corporation is an industry-leading supplier of hot ware handling solutions for glassmakers worldwide. From the gob forming area through the lehr loader, Dura Temp offers superior materials, quick-change parts and assemblies, and technical experience that allow glassmakers to achieve optimum results in the hot-end. With a global network of agents and distributors, Dura Temp is continuously evaluating the changing needs of the glass industry and adapting the solutions it offers to best meet these needs.

Partnering with Dura Temp means Improved Pack Rates Through:

• Proper Ware Handing
• Reduced Downtime
• Enhanced Product Output
• Constant Innovation
• Rapid Order Deliveries
• Exceptional Service

Dura Temp’s product lines include:

• Sweepout Pockets and Assemblies
• Ware Guides
• Transfer Paddles
• Lehr-Stacker Bars, Pockets and Insulators
• Transfer and Lehr Deadplates
• Contact Pads and Fingers
• Sheet Materials
• Vacuum Pads and Platens

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