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Dr. Valeria Lattuada

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  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.08  Insulation glass technology
  • 02.08.02  Production equipment for spacers

Our products

Product category: Production equipment for spacers


COMPLETE LINE FOR INSULATING GLASS for the manufacturing of double-glazing insulating glass.

- washing and drying section completely in stainless steel with brushes for L.E. glass

- assembly section with motorized fitting spacer and automatic system for profile reference automatic

- press with system for structural glass with electronic control by C.N. and possibility to automatically working of double-gasket glazings

We can supply two type of IG Lines:

- Semi-automatic: suitable for small productions, these lines offer simplicity and high speed of work.

- Full automatic: complete with coupling press and automatic gas injection – structural glass – double air chamber.

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Product category: Production equipment for spacers


Monocomponent pneumatic extruder for Silicone o Polyurethane, from 25Lt. to 200Lt.
Extrusion capacity from 60 to 500cc per cycle (according to the type); driven lift, supply air engine, supply air lift. Teflon pipe 3000 mm and mechanical gun.
Bicomponents pneumatic extruder for Polysulphide/Thiokol, Silicone, Polyurethane
Extrusion capacity 1500 cc/min. (25 C.), adjustable mixing ratio from 7% to 12% in volume, air pressure feeding from 2 to 7 Bar.

Components: base component pneumatic pump, catalyst dosing pump, pneumatic pump for the catalyst, mixing unit with Alpha-plast. Min. and Max. pressure alarm for the components, empty drum signal for the base component and for the catalyst, alarm maximum stopping time, manual washing or electrical pneumatic washing, sampling device to check the mixing ratio.

Optional: washing pump, heated thermostated plate for base component, heated hoses of base component, pneumatic balance banner for mixing group, mechanical balance banner for mixing group, roller for ease of drum change, mixer Alpha-metal.

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Product category: Production equipment for spacers


Vertical and horizontal washing machines
Our washing machines are suitable for small, medium and large glass production. It’s possible to choose between many options, designed for different requirements: 4 or 6 brushes, different workable glass size and glass thickness.

The washing machine consists of an entry area, a washing, rinsing and drying zone and an exit area. Glass is transported by means of special rubber rolls mounted on supports with ball bearings.

In the washing unit there are 2/3 cylindrical brushes front (or lower) and e 2/3 cylindrical brushes rear (or upper), sprinkled with water recycled by a pump with self-contained closed circuit tank.

Final rinse with pump, filter and self-contained closed circuit tank (in the horizantal washing machine final rinse with drinkable or demineralized water). Drying group with inclined blowers trasversely placed with respect to the passage of the glass sheet and fed by a high pressure centrifugal exhauster

Our washing machines can be combined to grinding machines and vertical driller, to straight edging machines or used for general edge wash, with possibility to have special charateristic following customers requirements.

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Product category: Production equipment for spacers


The automatic spacer bender machine WHS is suitable to bend aluminium and Warm Edge bars: Chromatech Ultra, TGI Spacer M, Thermix TX.N Plus, Thermobar, Multitech, Swisspacer Advance, Swisspacer Ultimate.

It is possible to create square and rectangular, straight shapes like trapezium, triangle, pentagon and optionally are available curves and arcs shapes.

The machine is developed to be simple and user friendly, without changes in bending tool, in the bending system, and in the cutting system from the user, when the spacer type or thickness changes.

The interface operations are done using a Personal Computer, the program is easy to use and allows the users to manage all the working parameters, as well as set up specific condition for different type of spacers.

The program to optimize the work can optimize up to 1.200 different measures of work, considering the type and colour of material used and width. The program can be interfaced with the most used optimization software of cutting tables (Perfect Cut, Optima, Albat-Wirsam, Hanic, etc). The program is available in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German. The machinery is equipped with tele-assistance e video-assistance.

The Heating/Cooling system is completely integrated in the machinery, and fully automatic. It is possible to manage all the adjustments directly from the machinery program.

The machine is equipped with the lubrication system, for the lubrication of the cutting blade during the cutting of the spacers. The lubricant system will help the cutting blade to create less scrap on the spacers during the cutting, and will increase the life of the cutting blade, and increase the quality of the cuts.

The spacers stock has 6 sections to store spacers selectable which automatically provide the insertion of the spacer in the machine during the working process.

It is available the connection to Ink-Jet printers or label printers.

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Product category: Production equipment for spacers


The automatic desiccant filler machine performs the filling of spacer frames with desiccant. The machine is suitable for the filling of desiccant in aluminium spacers, stainless steel spacers and Warm Edge spacers (Chromatech Ultra, Thermix TX.N plus, TGI spacer M, Thermobar, Multitech, Swisspacer Advance, Swisspacer Ultimate)

The machine process is fully automatic:

- drilling in the back of the spacer (using drill bits suitable also for steel)

- filling of desiccant, made by pressure, which assures perfect filling and high speed.

- closing of the loading holes with butyl

To work big size frames the working head will raise automatically till it reaches the desired position. (max. size ≈ 2500 x 3500 mm)

The security system includes a desiccant presence control and if desiccant will finish, the machinery will report it and will stop the work cycle to allow the worker to load new material. After the new material will be load the machinery will normally restart work. It is the same for the butyl to close the holes.

The desiccant filler is equipped with a hopper for the containing of the desiccant (around 40 kg) insert in the machine base. A system to load desiccant from 200 Kg. drum is available as optional.

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About us

Company details

Lombarda Macchine is a company founded with the primary intent to market and sell machinery for the production and processing of the double glass.

The accumulated experience allows us to offer machines such as space bender and salts loader, efficient and extremely easy to use.

Our machines provide maximum efficiency with an extremely simple to use, all while trying to give the customer an attractive value for money.

With our goal to improve our products and find new solutions to ongoing research work of the highest adaptability of our equipment to the most varied needs of our customers.

It is our proximity to our customers which enables us to innovate, listening to their needs, accompanying them in their buying process, suggesting them the best chance with them and creating new and for them, adapting to their problems.
And it is very important for us to follow them even more after the purchase and installation of our machines, giving them an effective and timely after-sales service, providing our customers our greatest help for every problem, answer their questions, helping them to find the best configuration, trying to bring them to maximum productivity and efficiency of our machines.

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