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  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.01  Measurement and control technology, sensoring
  • 05.01.02  Inspection technology
  •  Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Our products

Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection


All test methods applicable for this instrument are in principle based on the same test procedure: The specimen is clamped on a turntable (number of revolutions of the standard version is 5 min-1). The test tool is fixed on a load arm also equipped with an adjustable weight so that the pressure exerted onto the specimen material can be regulated (load range 0 – 10 N in 0.1 N steps and load range 0 – 1 N in 0.01 N steps).
The resistance of  the  specimen against this action is visually evaluated from the score mark

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Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Abrasion Test Instrument Original TABER ABRASER 352

Resistance to abrasion is one of the most significant mechanical properties of any surface. The use of the TABER® ABRASER is counted among the most commonly used and best-known methods for testing durability and resistance to wear. In numerous national and international standards specific reference is made to this test equipment.
The Original TABER® ABRASER enables abrasion testing to be conducted on paint and other coatings such as rubber, paper, leather, ceramics, glass, textile surface structures and metals. The equipment is suitable for use in research and development and for in-process and quality assurance controls.
The wearing action is caused by two abrasive wheels which are applied at a defined pressure to the material sample which has been mounted on a rotating specimen holder. One of the most outstanding features of this testing method is the X-shaped abrasion pattern.

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Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Thickness Measuring Instrument PAINT BORER 518 USB

The PAINT BORER 518 USB operates in accordance with the standardised wedge cut method in which the specimen is cut in a defined angle.
With a high-resolution digital microscope (50 x magnification) with integrated light (8x white LED, adjustable), equipped with a 2 million pixels CMOS image sensor and scalable precision measurement, a direct image capture directly from the object is made.
With the new 518 USB, connectable to a PC, laptop/WINDOWS-tablet, a convenient digitally supported way is given for visual recognition/ detection/measurement and documentation.

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Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Coating Thickness Gauge LayerScan 590 - non-contact and non-destructive coating thickness measurement

The LayerScan 590 measurement system is used for quality and process control in the powder coating, paint and thermal spray industries.
A big benefit ist he possibility to measure coating thickness early in their process, even on parts coated with uncured powder coating or wet paint.
The LayerScan 590 measures thicknesses from 1 µm to 1 mm by non-contact and non-destructive method, immediately after the application. Regardless of the color of the coating or of the shape and material of the substrate, the device will provide accurate test results. It works on the principle of the thermal coating resistance. During the thermal coating measurement a computer-controlled, pulsed flash lamp surrounding the LayerScan lens, warms the coating to be examined. A specialized infra-red detector in the lens monitors remotely the resulting surface temperature progression.

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Product category: Inspection of surface, contour and imperfection

Washability and Scrubbing Resistance Tester, Model 494 MC

The ERICHSEN Washibility and Scrubbing Resistance Tester, Model 494 MC, is mainly intended for the determination of the washing and scrubbing resistance as well as cleanability of dispersion paints (specifically ”wall paints”)., The wide range of its adjustable parameters allows also some further tailored/customized testing matters (for example for testing cleaning agents/solutions, etc.) as well.
In the above standard applications a matt black PVC foil will be coated, and - if required - soiled in a defined manner. After clamping into the device it will be exposed under the influence of a washing liquid the stress of the moving scrub body.

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About us

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Our company, ERICHSEN GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1910. We research, develop, design and manufacture testing equipment and machines for the following fields of application:

Sheet Metal Testing,
Surface Testing,
Corrosion Testing,
Materials Testing.

As the world’s leading manufacturer of well-known and proven testing machines and instruments for the coatings industry, we ensure that our experience and knowledge is incorporated into the development of our products. This results in perfect and innovative high quality products. These products meet global requirements on testing technology and exceed international demands on accuracy.

Within the control and monitoring of measuring devices we offer a calibration service for our testing machines and instruments as well as for machines and instruments from other manufacturers.

Our most important strength is the realisation of special test requirements from our customers. Together with our customers we develop either a standard solution or an individual version for their application.

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