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Our products

Product category: Transport and handling systems

Ground Premium Conveyor Chain

In addition to our standard range of chains, Pennine can also offer chains which are ground on one or both faces. The main versions of this type of chain are shown in the table below, the main reasons for each type of chain being as follows:- 

GT - To produce an even smoother, flatter surface for the transfer of glassware. This type of chain is especially good for small items such as perfume bottles.

GTB - To give a very accurate, constant, chain link height which is especially important when the chain is used on measuring, testing and inspection equipment, at the cold end of production.

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Product category: Transport and handling systems

Side Guide Premium Conveyor Chain

Side Guide chain has the guide links fitted to each side of the chain and the sprocket fits between them, keeping the chain aligned during operation. Side Guide chains are available in a variety of standard widths from 100mm (4 inch) up to 300mm (12 inch). Specials are also available on request, starting from 12mm (½ inch) wide.

Side Guide chains are available in Link and Spacer, All Link, Double Assembly and Special Assembly versions; please click on the relevant link on the left hand menu. In difficult applications Side Guide chains may prove to work more successfully compared with the Centre Guide option, where dirt could build up in the central groove preventing the chain from sitting correctly on the sprocket.

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Product category: Transport and handling systems

Link & Spacer Premium Conveyor Chain

Link and Spacer chains are manufactured by assembling a single washer between each link plate, allowing the overall chain weight to be reduced by approximately 25%.

The increased space between the link plates allows Carbon and debris to fall through, whilst at the same time allowing for much greater airflow through the chain when under-belt cooling is required.

This makes Link and Spacer chains suitable for conveying large containers which need additional under-belt cooling or on Machines working at very high temperatures in difficult conditions.

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Product category: Transport and handling systems

Pennine Premium Conveyor Chain

At the forefront of Glass Conveying 

Pennine Industrial Equipment Limited have been involved in the manufacture and supply of `Silent` Inverted Tooth Conveyor Chains for the Glass Industry for over 30 years. During this time there have been ever increasing demands placed on the Glass Industry. Pennine have continued to improve our product range ensuring that we remain a market leader within the Glass Container Handling sector.

Our range of patented HPL`s (Head Protector Links) is a typical example of our willingness to work closely with the Hot End Engineers, with a view to improving our customers overall efficiency.

Pennine`s ‘PREMIUM’ Conveyor Chain has been especially developed to meet the ever increasing demands of the Glass Industry and can significantly improve the handling of:
Bottles, Jars, Pharmaceutical and Perfume ware.
Stemware, Tableware and Drinking Glasses.
Pressed ware such as bowls, car lights and larger items such as glass bricks.

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Product category: Transport and handling systems

Extended Pitch Premium Conveyor Chain

Extended Pitch Chain was originally designed for ‘Hot End’ Engineers who required a lightweight Conveyor Chain which would run on their existing ½” pitch sprockets. Two main changes made it possible to produce this lighter weight chain.

The nominal link thickness was increased from 1.5mm as used in standard ½” pitch chains, to 2.3mm.

The chain pitch was extended, hence the name ‘Extended Pitch’, from ½” to 1” pitch. Extended Pitch chain is approximately 35% lighter and is less susceptible to wear and elongation as it has half the number of joints of standard ½” pitch chain.

Pennine have further improved Extended Pitch Chain by incorporating the same improved blanking and manufacturing techniques as incorporated into their ½” ‘PREMIUM’ chain.

The main advantages of Pennine ‘PREMIUM’ Extended Pitch Conveyor Chain are:

Thicker than standard links, for improved under belt cooling. 
Half the number of joints of standard ½” pitch chain, again reducing elongation and improving chain life. 
Lighter weight than ½” pitch chains, by up to 35%. Runs on standard ½” pitch sprockets.
Pennine ‘PREMIUM’ Extended pitch chain can also be supplied with our market leading Head Protector Links (HPL’s) on one or both sides of the chain.

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About us

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Pennine have expanded greatly into industrial plastics for the food and conveyor industries. We have long term agreements to market extrusions for Solus II of Philadelphia and to market sheet and chain guides for WEFAPRESS of Vreden, Germany.

Pennine has invested heavily in the latest CNC machines in order to offer a full machinery service for components manufactured from industrial plastics such as polyethylene, Nylon, PTFE, and others.

Having built two new buildings in the 1990Žs we are looking forward to further expansion in the next few years.

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