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Via Labriola 42
41123 Modena, Italy

+39 059 822374


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Our products

Product category: Metallizing machines

The PTA process - Plasma Transferred Arc

PTA process, Plasma Transferred Arc, is a melting welding process suitable for hardfacing on mechanical workpieces subject to wear and/or corrosion with superalloy metal powders.PTA process is charcterized by an high density plasma arc, obtained by ionization of Argon gas passing trough the electric arc formed between a non-consumable tungsten electrode (-) and the copper plasma nozzle (+) into the welding torch (pilot arc).
A second electric arc, called Transferred Arc, produces the energy needed to melt both the base metal and the filler metal.
The transferred arc is "throttled" to obtain a further increase of the temperature, obtaining a plasma coloumn with temp between 8.000° C and 18.000°C.

The powder filler metal is continuously projected on the piece trough the plasma arc. The driven output of Commersald torch allows to keep the dispersion in flat below 5% and to deposit, in max efficiency conditions, beads from 1 to 4 mm and width from 3 to 30 mm. The shape and the size of the coated layer change according to the welding parameters.

The penetration control in Commersald machines is obtained by varying the quantity of ionized gas and it is not conditioned by the process, unlike other arc welding systems.
The quantity of plasma gas is continuously adjustable by the operator and it is monitored by a sophisticated feedback control. This is one of main features of Commersald PTA process in welding coatings, so that, in most cases, you can work with one layer only, obtaining an hardness closed to the nominal value of the alloy employed. On the contrary, the extreme and uncontrolled diluition of other processes makes it almost impossible to obtain the required analysis at first pass.


These are the features that make the PTA process different from the other welding methods. The control of the penetration allows single pass coatings and welding of very high quality.

The high working speed limits the global thermal addition, reducing the deformation of the workpiece, with same deposition rate. The metallurgincal structure, due to the quicker cooling, is improved. The energy efficiency is very high; for example 12KW of electric energy are enough to deposit approx. 6 kos/h of metal.

The shape of Commersald torch and the powder output trough the plasma arc help the automation of the process, making the positioning more precise and the programming more intuitive.

The comparison between the three most employed processes in automated welding enhances the great advantage of PTA:
cool wire TIG: 200 mm/min
automatic MIG: 350 mm/min
automatic PTA: 500 mm/min

The powder dispersion is lower than the loss of filler material in MIG and TIG welding. In addition the high welding speed greatly improves the quality/price ratio.

The comparative analisys of the welding fumes has pointed out a lower atmospheric pollution in comparison with traditional welding methods (certified by Ecoricerche Institute).


Thanks to its undeniable advantages, PTA process is employed all over the world, in many fields such as:

- valves for automotive, marine and petrochemical industries;
- hydraulic cylinders;
- rollers and lamination rollers;
- industrial knives and blades;
- forging matrix dies;
- rings, moulds and plugers for extrusion;
- plasticizing screws;
- moulds and accessories for Glass industry

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Product category: Metallizing machines

PTAW applications and other processes

Moulds for Glass industry
Oil & Gas
Screws and Extruders
Rollers and cylinders
Power Generation
Agricolture and Ceramics
Foundries and Steel Industry

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Product category: Metallizing machines

Welding machines and equipments

PTA welding machines, NC and PLC controlled equipments, subsidiary and complementary equipments, semi-automatic systems

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About us

Company details

Commersald Group has always been inspired by a unique value: client satisfaction together with maximum quality.The quality of human relations

Commersald Spa started off as and is a family owned company. A feeling between the two founders of the company Luigi Seghedoni and Paolo Trigari, that continues to grow today thanks to the outlook of their sons Sandro Seghedoni and Massimo Trigari. A tradition of values cast towards the future, that may be seen within the company there being very low levels of turnoversin staff , and is also proven by the relationship had between ourselves and our clients and agents, almost all of which are mono-mandatory. The people that give life to Commersald everyday are the epitome of our principles, of our professional passion and what unites us, our daily commitment.

Constant and guaranteed product quality throughout the years

Commersald’s aim is to supply the best welding consumables together with the most efficient and attentive pre-post sales service assistance. For this reason, we have for some time now collaborated with the most important international suppliers and invested in qualified training. Efficiency, durability, constant reliability: in this way better quality also turns out tobe better safety and convenience for our clients.

Commersald Impianti was born from the experience gained in the welding field and by the uniqueness of the Commersald Group: only searching for supreme quality, maximum service to the client and the essence of relationship with people. A successful philosophy re-interpreted into the new company of a productive type, that founds its production on precise technological values.

Quality innovation

The PTA process developed by Commersald Impianti assesses absolute quality levels regarding performance, engineering, and reliability. An outstanding result for such a young company, obtained thanks to constant investment in research and specialization in skills that, today, allow for the design and construction of products that are unique in their field.

Automation and technology for comfort and safety

The level of excellence of the machines and components is supported by a simple and intuitive interface and by efficient control and problem diagnosing systems. This allows for a different approach to the welding world: always more secure, practical and comfortable for the workers. Even more efficient and clean from an energy point of view, resulting in a profit for both the users and the environment.

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Company data

Sales volume

2,5-5 Mio US $

Export content

max. 75%

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Area of business

Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxilliary equipment and fittings

Target groups
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
  • Hollow Glass