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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.02  Auxiliary and operating materials
  • 01.02.03  Lubricants and coolants
  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.06  Forming for hollow glass
  • 01.06.18  Aids for the forming of hollow glass

Our products

Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass


ACMOS products guarantee an optimum separation of the glass from the moulding tools.

A 50-year experience and a continuous development of our products in cooperation with our customers ensure a high quality.

We offer you the following products and process auxiliaries:

- cooling lubricants for shear blades
- high-temperature resistant coatings for blank and blow moulds, blow mould bottoms and neck rings
- release agents for blank and blow moulds and neck rings
- release agents and lubricants for conveyor belts hot-end and cold-end
c- oatings for rotary blow moulds

Our Product Development Department and our Technical Consultant are looking forward to your inquiries.

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

ACMOS Pre-Coatings for blanks

Heat-resistant coatings, specially developed for surface treatment of blank moulds.
Form a strongly adhering film with very good sliding and release properties, so that a frequent swabbing can be eliminated for many hours (4 hours at least) after putting the mould into service.
After optimal implementation the following advantages can be obtained:

Considerably improved sliding properties of the glass
Easy loading and blowing out without cracks on the glass surface
Protects mould surface against corrosive attack of molten glass
Helps to reduce glass defects / less cracks and checks
Reduces consumption of release agent
Extends running time of the mould significantly

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

ACMOS Coating for chutes

Strong and heat-resistant two-component coating, which protects your equipment and extends the lifetime of the chutes to several weeks.
After optimal implementation the following advantages can be obtained:

Better sliding of glass gobs in the chute
Less friction between the gob and the chute surface
The gob slides easily and reaches the mould at a more constant speed

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

ACMOS 43-5004

Chute Repair Coating for impact surfaces. No dismantling of the chutes necessary.
Article defects like loading marks, washboards etc., due to the worn chutes, are minimized significantly. 
Test runs in several glassworks have shown that an application in an interval of four hours is sufficient to achieve the a.m. advantages.

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Product category: Aids for the forming of hollow glass

Spraying instead of swabbing with ACMOS 48-417

Sprayable Release Agent ACMOS 48-417 can be applied manually and automatically to achieve the following advantages:

Application into a closed mould possible => the space between the mould halves remains clean, provides proper ventilation
Coating is more uniform, no defects on glass surface
Significant scrap reduction
Extension of greasing cycle
Low consumption of release agent
Less build-up in the mould
Pre-coating stays in the mould for a longer time
Smooth loading process

 Greasing interval can be doubled!

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Product category: Lubricants and coolants

ACMOS 46-12 Cooling Lubricant of new generation

Cooling Lubricant of new generation for feeder blades. Especially developed for those applications, where the concentrate is transported by the spray air, also suitable for using in all dosing systems without cooling lubricant cycle. ACMOS 46-12 works with different water qualities in stable emulsion.

Excellent lubricating and cooling effect at a dilution ratio up to 1:1200
High corrosion protection
No attack on aluminium
Long feeder blade life
Robust against micro-organisms
Excellent glass cut-off
Very low consumption

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About us

Company details

ACMOS CHEMIE KG furthers the manufacture of moulded parts by means of effective release agents and rational processing aids.
ACMOS has a team of application experts ready to assist in the development and introduction of new moulding technologies – even on-site and in production facilities.
Do you require any advice or would you like more information on products or samples for your production processes?

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Glass manufacture / Production technology

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  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
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