Henan Zhongyuan Special Refractory Co., Ltd.

Room 2-1-0601, Downtown Plaza, No. 116 Jiankang Road, 450000 Zhengzhou, Henan
China, People’s Republic
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  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.02  Auxiliary and operating materials
  • 01.02.01  Refractories

Our products

Product category: Refractories

Sillimanite Brick

GL-60 and GL-65 can be used in superstructure of glass furnace, regenerator rider arch, checker, chimney brick, as well as metallurgy blast furnace.

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Product category: Refractories

Mullite Insulation Brick

High alumina lightweight insulating refractory brick is a kind of insulation material with organic matter as ignition loss substance in order to increase the porosity of refractory, which has such advantages as high porosity, low bulk density, good insulation effect, high strength, low thermal conductivity and long lifetime. For various industrial kilns & furnace, it is an essential insulating refractory for energy saving.

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Product category: Refractories

Assembled Tin Bath Roof

The completed tin bath roof is assembled by bridge tile, support tile and plug tile combining four side supporting structure, which increases the stability of the whole structure. Working face adopts sintered sillimanite and non-working face lightweight insulating brick, hangers are heat-resistant alloy, and sidewall is lightweight insulating brick. The advantage of this structure is that there are no vertical joints which can avoid spot defect on glass effectively. This kind of roof system is used in float tin bath and other kind of kiln roof where working temperature is lower than 1300℃.

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Product category: Refractories

Pattern Glass Lip Tile

Lip tile is applied at the most critical forming position in pattern glass line. it contacts glass liquid directly and has important influence on glass quality. Besides perfect appearance, lip tile must have good performance of resistance to thermal shock and alkali erosion. Our lip tile has been proved in advantages of short bubble expelling time, long lifetime and high production yield.

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Product category: Refractories

Zircon Brick

LXGZ-65 is mainly used in upper area of flame space or frequent thermal shock region of alkali-free or low-alkali glass, sodium-calcium glass, boron-silicate glass, lead glass and other technical glass melting furnace, such as transition region between roof silica brick and fused zirconia-corundum brick or fused zirconia-mullite brick, transition region between silica brick and magnesia brick, crown, burner, thermalcouple, peep hole, secondary layer of melter bottom and its back lining, and also used in ladle lining for metallurgical industry.

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About us

Company details

Henan Zhongyuan Special Refractory Co., Ltd (Former Name was Xinmi Zhongyuan Special Refractory Co., Ltd) was established in 1994, has 450 workers and administrators, and 52 technicians (8 senior engineers, 26 engineers), with fixed assets of 70,000,000, and yearly capacity of refractory products 20000t, refractory insulating material more than 3000t, synthesized mullite materials more than 15000t, and every kind of fireclay, ramming material, patching material and other unshaped material 5000t. Our company possesses the subordinate workshops of materials processing, batching & moulding, firing, cold working and testing center, more than 200 sets of batching, mixing, vibrating, cutting, milling, drilling, pressing machine. The self-contained testing center is capable of chemical analysis, physical characteristic testing, developing and research of new products and it is also in charge of the quality control of whole producing processing. The functions are helpful not only in controlling the production effectively, but also improving the quality of products to satisfy customers.

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