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  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.06  Forming for hollow glass
  • 01.06.12  Bottle and glass container machines

Our products

Product category: Bottle and glass container machines


The lubrication system is based on the concept of the emulsion by mechanical mixing.

Our system offers great reliability and ensures constant operation. For each component, there is one spare ready for operation in the event of a fault or when maintenance is necessary.

This device allows you to work in a continuous cycle, without ever interrupting the lubrication of the blades.

The plant can be connected to a ring circuit for recycling the emulsion.

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Product category: Bottle and glass container machines


The polishing system Cubolux allows to obtain a perfect polishing of mold cavities without abrading the inner surface, thus keeping the surface itself intact in its shape and size.
Cubolux is the ideal solution for polishing shaped molds and/or molds with stamps and engravings, as it leaves unchanged the productive capacity of the mold for a longer time than the traditional polishing systems.

With appropriate equipment it is also possible to polish plungers for the production of pressed and NNPB system perfectly.
Some of the main advantages of the polishing system Cubolux are:
- Easy to use
- Reduction of the wear on mold cavities
- Polishing of articles with particular geometry and shapes
- Increase the average mold life and consequent reduction of polishing costs
- No skilled labor is required

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Product category: Bottle and glass container machines


The lifting hoist SNAKE consists of three articulated arms that allow an operating radius of 3.5 m. from the center of the pillar.

It is ideal on I.S. machines for the change of articles on the blank side and for any other application where compactness, robustness and high lifting capacity are required.

The hoist is an independent unit, for its installation no changes to the I.S. machine is required: its fixing does not touch the structure of the independent machine.

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Product category: Bottle and glass container machines


The use of ultrasound technology allows you to not damage the surface of the material (steel, cast iron, bronze, etc.) to be washed, thus ensuring the integrity and preservation of its original features.
The total absence of a mechanical action of rubbing and the automation of the washing cycle offer the following advantages:

- Maintain the original features of the surfaces of the objects to be washed.
- Increase their life significantly.
- Reduce the use of labor.

The chemical products used in the wash cycle are the result of a twenty-year experience that Luben Glass can boast in the glass sector.
The chemical solutions have been specifically formulated in our laboratories to remove dirt that accumulates on mechanical pieces (molds, mechanisms , etc.) used in the glass industry.

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Product category: Bottle and glass container machines


This new work bench has been specifically designed to facilitate the operator during mold maintenance.

It is equipped with an efficient aspiration system to suck the dust created during the manual polishing operation.

The mold is fastened to a clamp and can be oriented by the operator as he needs.

Special spherical LED lights allow the operator to have a perfect vision of what he is doing at any time.

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About us

Company details

Luben Glass was founded in 1984 by Francesco Moschini.
At the outset, the company mainly dealt in the supply of spare parts for I.S. machines and in the sale of lubricants for the glass industry.

Over the years, Luben Glass has affirmed itself in the domestic and foreign markets, thanks to investments which culminated in an office dedicated to design, consulting and new product R&D and in the emergence of important partnerships.

This attention to production, together with a versatile operative approach, characterizes all of the Luben Glass brand products.

Flexibility is our standard for dealing with every type of project; we use a personalized approach which begins with your request and ends exactly where you want it to.

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