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Together we make glass infinite.Recycling is not a choice, but a necessity. After all, the depletion of the earth’s raw materials has been a growing problem for many years. Our supplies of oil, gas, minerals and metals are being depleted so fast that it is uncertain how much more we can extract from the earth. Recycling is part of the solution to this issue. It is worth separating and collecting any materials that we can in order to recycle them. The same applies to waste sheet glass.

 In 2000, Dutch sheet glass manufacturers launched an initiative to set up a voluntary recycling scheme in order to meet their responsibilities as producers of sheet glass. Three organizations participated in the initiative: the Manufacturers of Double Glazing in the Netherlands (FIGIN), wholesalers and importers of sheet glass, who were collectively represented by the Glass Branch Organization (GBO) and the Dutch Glass Federation (NGF). To that end they conducted an experiment in the nothern provinces of the Netherlands. On the basis of the favourable results of that experiment, the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment gave its approval to the system and the method used for financing it. Vlakglas Recycling Nederland was founded in 2002.

This non-profit organization coordinates all the activities associated with recycling and collecting waste glass in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner and at the lowest possible cost. It supports and coordinates the participating companies and agencies; it also oversees the collection of the waste disposal fee and acts as an information point for all those involved. Furthermore, the foundation promotes awareness of and enthusiasm for recycling glass. The government has also demonstrated its commitment to this process by legislating for the sheet glass recycling levy for double glazing.

One of the aims of Vlakglas Recycling Nederland is sharing our knowledge with other countries so that maybe in near future they can set up a similar collection system structure.

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