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Dr. Gianluca Diener

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via Kufstein, 5
38121 Trento, Italy

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  • 05  Measurement, testing, control technology and software
  • 05.05  Measuring and testing technology/Software
  • 05.05.02  Visual inspection systems

Our products

Product category: Visual inspection systems


Developed to be installed on all cutting tables and easily interfaced with all the optimization\cutting software, GlassInspector OPT inspect float glass to find unrecoverable fault, returning as a result a map of the inspected sheet with the gravity and position of the detected defects. This map could be used by the operator to verify the detected faults and sent to the optimization software (semiautomatic usage) or sent directly to the optimization software (fully automatic version), that have to exclude the non-compliant areas and prepare a new cutting program.

This guarantee the minimization of glass scrap and avoid to process sheets which have to be rejected later in the production process, or could generate Customer claim if not founded. This benefits ensure a fast return of the investment, the optimization of the whole process and an increase of the production quality.

 - Suitable for all cutting table; 
 - Control all types of transparent glass; 
 - Easy interface with all optimization/cutting software; 
 - Semi or fully automatic version;
 - Bubbles and inclusions detection;
 - Glass scrap minimization;  
 - Avoid processing of non-compliant glasses;
 - Support services with continuous software upgrade.

GlassInspector OPT acquire the image of the glass and elaborate it providing as a result the map of the defects with their position on the sheet. In the semiautomatic version operator use the map to verify the defects on glass plate.
“Re-OPT” software developed and distributed by Optima Srl, interfaced with GlassInspector OPT.

The optimization/cutting software use the information elaborated by GlassInspector EVO to check where the defects are and if they will affect glass sheet.

The optimization/cutting software elaborates a new program excluding areas with defects.

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Product category: Visual inspection systems


GlassInspector detects the typical defects of double glazing unit production process, and evaluates them according to the quality standard easily set by the Customer with the recipes management tool. Since the first installation done in 2007 in Finstral SpA, one of the most important Italian windows and door producer, GlassInspector is the more effective tool to support the operators to find and repair glass defects or reject the single plate.

With the exclusive inspection method developed by our technical team GlassInspector increase the performance in surface defects detection. Its software could be interfaced with most common ERP, thus facilitating data and images storage for statistical analysis and report about the trend of the production process. Adaptable to all insulating glass line without modification, GlassInspector required reduced space and limited maintenance.

 - Suitable for all types of transparent glass (low E included);  
 - Customizable quality level with parameters regulation;
 - Classify defects depending on their characteristics;  
 - Minimum detectable defect: 0,1 mm;
 - Maximum line speed: 40 mt/min;  
 - Maximum glass thickness: 40 mm;
 - Support services with continuous software upgrade.

Typical defects detected by the system are:
 - glass defects like bubbles, inclusions, dots, etc;
 - coating defects like lack, scratches, burns, abrasions, etc; 
 - process defects like scratches, blemish, fingerprints, dirty, etc.

GlassInspector could be used to: 
 - measure the plate and send its dimension to the machines on the line; 
 - detect the plate shape and compare it with ERP schedule.

GlassInspector could be used to control the IG unit at the end of the process to evaluate the presence of defects like:
 - frame misplacement; 
 - residues of butyl.

Interfaced with GlassInspector or used stand-alone, CD is the tools developed to check the presence of coating on glass surface and measure the plate thickness. It could be used also to check coating presence on both external surface of IG unit.

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Product category: Visual inspection systems


The most versatile system: with this simple words we can define GlassInspector EVO. Developed as the evolution of GlassInspector system, it is easily adaptable to all the production lines requiring reduced space and limited maintenance.

GlassInspector EVO is the answer that fit the requirements of the modern production process in term of quality control: apart from typical glass defects detection, the system uses the comparison method to check if the acquired glass plate match the model defined by the Customer.

For a fully automated solution, GlassInspector EVO could be interfaced with the line to manage non-compliant glasses rejection. With the aim of developing a complete and functional tool for production manager EVO could be completed with Production Analyzer, a software that use all the data elaborated by the system to analyse production process to find repetitive defects, typical defects and their position on glass plate, produce report and graphics about production trend

 - Suitable for all lines (horizontal and vertical);  
 - Multiple control with the same system; 
 - Customizable quality level with parameters regulation;  
 - Classify defects depending on their characteristics; 
 - Minimum detectable defect: 0,1 mm;  
 - Maximum line speed: 40 mt/min;
 - Maximum glass thickness: 40 mm; 
 - Support services with continuous software upgrade

Typical defects detected by the system are:
 - glass defects like bubbles, inclusions, dots, etc;
 - process defects like scratches, blemish, fingerprints, dirty, etc;
 - edge defects like chips, breakages, etc;
 - grinding control like reduction or increase.

Comparison with model is used to:
 - measure the plate;
 - control the shape of the border;
 - control the position and dimension of its machining.

Using comparison with model to:
 - verify the printing completeness;
 - check for defects in the printing like holes, scratches, etc;
 - control the position to find rotation or shifts;
 - check for drops of ink in the transparent area.
GlassInspector EVO could also control the completeness, position and rotation of the logo.

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Product category: Visual inspection systems


Portable, fast, precise and reliable: four reason to choose FROG to automaze the fragmentation analysis of toughened glass, thanks to the database developed to manage the safety  regulations sets for each field of production. With the user friendly environment operator can easily find the area to control, and perform it with real time result like fragments number and all the informaton about the largest ones. 

FROG allows multiple images acquisition to each sheet, maanaging, all the information elaborated to find out the bigger ones and their characteristics. It is possible to input additional data like the production shift, glass supplier, etc and the glass thickness, used to evaluate the fragments weight. All these information, along with images and data elaborated by the system, are automatically stored in a database and could be used to produce statistis or customizable report. 

- Suitable for any PC (USB 3 connection required);
 - User friendly Windows environent; 
 - Database for safety regulations management; 
 - Inspeced area: 5x5 cm; 
 - Real time result according to the tolerances;
 - Automatic data and image storage;
 - Statistics and customizable report production; 
 - Support services with continuous software upgrade.

FROG can perform the control in two different way:
 - single shot with one picture analysis; 
 - sample analysis with evaluation of various images of different area on the same glass sheet. 

Both images and data elaborated are stored on user Pc. It is possible to choose the path and define the name of their directory. Additional information isereted by the user before starting the control are stored in the same place.

Customizable reports could be defined to summarize the result of the analsis, including images and the most interesting data, even among those instered by operator. 

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About us

Company details

Deltamax Automazione brings together expertise gathered in 25 years of work in the areas of industrial automation and machine vision.

The company mission is to guide our customers in the use of innovative technologies in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency of production processes.

Deltamax Automazione designs and manufactures:

 - systems for the management and control of industrial processes , both in electronic and electromechanical components , increasing accuracy, speed and efficiency.

 - industrial optical inspection systems , which allow the control of quality throughout the entire production , with immediate response time and allowing you to quickly make the necessary corrections.

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2,5-5 Mio US $

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max. 75%

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Measurement, testing, control technology and software

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Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing