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Xavier Decant

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Glass production/Production Technology
  • 01.11  Suppliers for the glass machinery industry
  • 01.11.01  Components and accessories (suppliers to the glass machinery industry)

Components and accessories (suppliers to the glass machinery industry)

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.11  Auxiliary products
  • 02.11.02  Spare parts and consumables

Spare parts and consumables

  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, aucillary equipment and fittings
  • 04.03  Handling tools, hand-guided

Handling tools, hand-guided

  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, aucillary equipment and fittings
  • 04.04  Spare and wearing parts

Spare and wearing parts

  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, aucillary equipment and fittings
  • 04.06  Working clothing

Working clothing

Our products

Product category: Spare and wearing parts

Our range of products:


Conveyor belts made of special fibers blendings: stainless steel/Kevlar, stainless steel/PBO.
Those – patented - constructions and fiber mixtures avoid any glass marking, any thermal shock and micro check.
Resistant to very high operating temperatures (550°c  and more) in high demanding applications:
high speed, heavy products..
Weaving construction making them very resistant to abrasion and providing them with an excellent durability.
Thermally inert, no need for any pre-heating station, allowing a safer and cleaner work place, huge energy consumption savings, and a reduced Ecotax.
Pre-stretched to prevent any further elongation
Special treatments on request: graphite coating…
Supplied uncut or at the requested length, can be stapled on demand.......

Vacuum pads:

Made of 100% stainless steel fiber, or Kevlar stainless steel, PBO/stainless steel, designed to fit exactly your request (diameter, thickness, resiliency).
Can be siliconized on one side on request.

Flat glass:

Kevlar or Kevlar/stainless steel square braids, woven tapes, braided and knitted sleeves to cover the conveying cylinders.


100% stainless steel range of product: square braids, woven tapes, sleeves, felts
A complete range of stainless steel spare parts already fitted with our welded stainless steel braid.
Can be used as a perfect substitute to the graphite or carbon OEM spare parts for the I.S. machines: sweep out, stacker inserts, transfer fingers…
Superior lifetime.

New product: high durability swabs.
Developed from a blending of high temperature resistant fibers, they can withstand high temperature with a much higher durability and generate significant savings

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About us

Company details

Ferlam Technologies:

The solution to all your hot glassware handling problems.

For more than 30 years, Ferlam Technologies has continuously developed a whole range of high temperature textile contact products for all the segments of the glass industry:

- Tableware: composite conveyor belts and vacuum pads..

- Bottle and packaging: 100 % stainless steel square braids, woven tapes, sweep out, stacker bars
  inserts, transfer  fingers…
  High durability swabs
  Gloves, mittens..

- Flat glass: kevlar square braids, woven tapes, stainless steel braided and knitted sleeves…

Taking advantage of its vertical integration, Ferlam Technologies masters the whole process, from the fiber down to the finished product: fibers blending, carding, spinning, weaving, knitting, needle punching, made up products, special treatments/impregnations…

Ferlam Technologies is thus able to conceive and design tailor made solutions for any problem you have to solve.

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Company data

Sales volume

2,5-5 Mio US $

Export content

max. 50%

Number of employees




Area of business
  • Glas processing and finishing
  • Tools, replacement and spare parts, auxilliary equipment and fittings
  • Contracting, Consulting, Engineering, Services
Target groups
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing