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Corinna Lovati

Lager/Material, Logistik, Transport

Via G. Galilei, 14
20090 Assago (Mi), Italy

+39 02 4880276

+39 02 4882196


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.03  Edge and surface finishing technology
  • 02.03.01  Grinding techniques for flat glass
  •  Grinding techniques for shaped glass

Our products

Product category: Grinding techniques for shaped glass

Special CNC

Numerical control machine to grind and polish the edge on shaped glasses with internal curves, external curves, straightline sides, mitred corners.

BEM Series machines are particularly suitable for processing low-emissivity glasses as the surface of the coated glass sheet never comes into contact neither with suction pads, rollers, nor with transport belts.

A maximum of 3 wheels can be stacked on each tool-holder (for glass up to 12 mm thickness).

Tool crib with automatic selection for tool withdrawal and deposit.

Electronic measuring system of glass dimensions.

Bar code scanner to tranfer datas for the automatic selection of processing programme.

Different shapes and sizes of glasses can be worked in succession.
The machine will automatically position and activate the suckers required to fix the glass

- Fully automatic suckers positioning

- CAD-CAM software

- Teleassistance by Internet

- Software for routing bit and diamond wheel oscillation during processing

- Software for the decoration of glass surfaces

- DXF software to import or export drawings from/to other systems

- Conic ISO40 tool-holders (BEM 63 and BEM 52: 20 items, BEM 42 and BEM 31: 15 items)

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Product category: Grinding techniques for shaped glass

Automatic bevellers

Fully automatic machines to grind all types of edge profile (pencil edge, flat edge, OG edge, etc) and bevel on heavy rectangles with rounded corners, oval etc.

Working off a template for shapes other than circles, the machines produce perfectly true shapes from each production cycle, in which the heads automatically enter and exit without operator intervention.

The glass is handled only at loading and unloading.
The piece is finished with a bright polish at the end of the cycle.

The machines process the glass with simultaneous functioning of the heads.
They are not one-pass-at-a-time machines.

They have been designed for standard production work and for custom or "made-to-measure" work, and have proven their design features over many years of operation.

The machines are entirely self-contained with their own recycling tank and pump and with their own vacuum system.

Maintenance, because of the over-engineered design, is minimal.

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Product category: Grinding techniques for shaped glass

Automatic drilling machine

RIGEL 120 is an automatic drilling machine, equipped with one double head to perform holes on glass sheets.
RIGEL 120 can work in manual or automatic mode.

- Upper and lower spindle driven by electric motor with inverter with the possibility of continuous speed variation from 500 to 3000 rpm.

- Pivot loading table and

- Laser system for hole centering and positiong bars on X and Y axis are available upon request.

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Product category: Grinding techniques for shaped glass

Manual edging machine

Manual machine to grind and polish the edge on glasses of any shapes.

On the spindle it is possible to stack two wheels (two diamond wheels or one diamond and one polishing wheel).

Up and down movement to position the wheel is done by a pneumatic cylinder with adjustable stops.

The machine is complete with a 800x700 mm working table (upon request, the working table can have a bigger size).

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Product category: Grinding techniques for shaped glass

Automatic loading unit

Automatic electromechanic and pneumatic loader to transfer the glass sheets from the vertical pallet to the horizontal conveyor.

The whole functioning system is driven by a numerical control.

X and Z axis are moved by electric motors with inverter, while W axis is moved by a pneumatic cylinder.

The glass loading operations are effected on the machine side.

The loading unit can be produced with either right or left hand side loading.

Single large glass sheet or several small sheets can be loaded during a single machine cycle.

The loader is complete with a motorized conveyor.

Upon request, the loader can be produced in a version complete with two pallets carousel (MG type).

All CAL M Series loaders can be produced in unload version (SCAL M).

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About us

Company details

LOVATI F.lli is known throughout the industry for excellence in engineering.
Established in 1939, LOVATI F.lli manufactures and exports all over the world a wide range of machines for shaped glass processing, which starts from the simpliest semiautomatic macjines up to the most sophisticated CNC. LOVATI machines are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of heavy production with superior performance and minimal maintenance.
LOVATI F.lli: 75 years of experience and continuous innovation!

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Company data

Sales volume

1-2,5 Mio US $

Export content

> 75%

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Area of business

Glas processing and finishing

Target groups

Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing