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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.02  Drilling technology

Drilling technology

  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.03  Edge and surface finishing technology
  • 02.03.01  Grinding techniques for flat glass
  •  Grinding techniques for straight edges
  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.03  Edge and surface finishing technology
  • 02.03.05  Polishing technology

Polishing technology

Our products

Product category: Grinding techniques for straight edges

Edging Machines

Costruzioni Meccaniche Besana is offering a wide range of edging machines suitable for any need. The different models can be configured according to the customer needs. The number indicated in the model corresponds to the machine number of wheels.

- Flat edge double edging machines
- Flat edge straight grinding machines
- Pencil edge double edgers
- Pencil edge double edgers
seaming machine

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Product category: Grinding techniques for straight edges


Automatic and semi-automatic drilling machines
Costruzioni Meccaniche Besana offers a wide range of drilling machines for any need.
The range of products includes automatic and semi-automatic drilling machines as well as a model with opposite heads.

Drilling machines (NC)
Costruzioni Meccaniche Besana is offering a wide range of NC drilling machines.
The range of products respond to all different drilling, routing, milling and countersinking requirements.

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Product category: Grinding techniques for straight edges

Glass Handling Equipment

Suction lifting equipment
Equipped with:

High power vacuum pump.
Controls for vacuum  connection or cut out.
Vacuum tank with vacuum gauge.
Safety device guaranteeing the grip of the suckers for about 20 minutes even in case of sudden failure of power supply.
Security  lighting signal during lifting.

On request we manufacture equipment of various dimensions.

Lifting tongs
MEDIUM TYPE: for glass from 3 to 20mm – maximum capacity kg 600.
LARGE TYPE   :  for glass from 20 to 40 mm. – maximum capacity Kg 1200.


To transfer glass sheets from a vertical glass rack to the horizontal table conveyor placed at the entrance of double edger.
All movements of glass approach, grip, lifting, overturn, shifting over the horizontal conveyor and glass release – are automatic and controlled by the double edger PLC.

For the glass grip the loader is fit with a sucker surface connected to a vacuum circuit. According to the different glass sizes, the PLC selects all necessary suckers and excludes the other from the circuit.
The sucker holding surface is placed on a bridge frame from which it receives motion of horizontal movements and rotation from vertical to horizontal position.
For loading, glass must be placed on trolleys and must have all the same reference point: this means that glass sheets must all have the same backing base, the centre positioned in the middle of the trolley (or stand).

The transport table is made up of a frame in welded steel with a set of rubber covered rollers. Rollers turn by means of geared motor controlled by inverter – speed advance is commanded by PLC.

A sensor controls the detachment of glass from suckers to avoid any overlapping. A patented special surface with idle wheels receives glass and leaves it onto the rollers after that this one is aligned against a reference line that can be adjusted. Positioning of glass sheets is made on a surface with idle wheels and assures that no scratches happen during their shifting.
According to the difference glass sizes It is possible to load one or two glass sheets on the same cycle,

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Product category: Grinding techniques for straight edges


Horizontal double beveller
The beveller is equipped with a Patented conveyor that automatically adjusts to the glass thickness. The precision of execution is very high and allows to reach very high production times The beveller is equipped with patented conveyor that automatically adjusts to the glass thickness The precision of execution of bevel is very high and allows to reach very high production speeds It is completed with a water cooling system with a 400 litres capacity and a cerium oxide tank with slurry system.

The beveller is equipped with the following wheels on each side:

no. 3 diamond wheels
no. 3 resin wheels
no. 3 felt wheels
no. 2 wheels for the execution of heel

Vertical beveller B332
For the bevel execution up to 40 mm of width on glass from 3 to 10 mm of thickness The machine is consisting of the following working sections with the following spindles on each side:

Bevel and heel grinding:

1 spindle for glass grinding and squaring
3 spindles for cup diamond wheels for bevel grinding
4 spindles for cup resin wheels for finishing
2 spindles with vertical axis for peripheral wheels  for grinding and polishing of the heel
Washing and drying section:

After the processing the glass goes through an horizontal washer for washing and drying with air blowers and fan.
Bevel polishing:

4 spindles on each side for felt wheels for polishing.
The machine completely recycles the cerium oxide.
All the bevel grinding, finishing and polishing spindles are inclinable from 3 to 15° and adjustable in height All the machine controls are electronic and allow the bevel angle setting as well as of heel.

Furthermore, from the programmers situated on the electric panel it is possible to read a certain number of statistics like: Number of pieces processed, number of meters of bevelled glass and number of hours worked The machine can be supplied with a 90° or in-line transfer table and a second machine in order to create a complete line for the bevel execution on the four sides.

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Glass is very fragile, yet the machinery for handling glass must be extremely rugged…carefully and deliberately engineered with working muscle to spare. Glass working machinery is subject to a constant spray of water and grit, yet it must deliver reliable power and precision and be designed for dependable around-the- clock operation. You can afford to break a piece of glass but you can’t afford machinery breakdown. Besana Machinery delivers on all these counts…and does it with muscle to spare

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