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Our products

Product category: Transport and handling systems


The latest Officine Mistrello product is the system for stocking single glass sheets (RESTORE).
The system for stocking single glass sheets is used to automatically recover glass residues from cutting optimization. The system can also be used to accumulate glass sheets to be cut, PLF 6000X3210 or DLF 3210X2600 to not stop production during unloading of glass in the storeroom.
The single glass sheet stocking system is modular with a minimum of 10 positions. On each individual position, one or more glass sheets can be stored starting with a minimum size of 1000x1000mm. Obviously the number of sheets that can be stored depends upon the length of the system that can be adapted to the customer's available space and his needs.
The individual glass sheet storing system can be directly integrated with cutting optimization. In this manner, the cut communicates with the sheet storeroom and the pick or deposit process starts automatically without any intervention from the operator.

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Product category: Transport and handling systems

Loader for Restore - CSR

The CSR loader has a built-in tilting table and, besides allowing sheets to be picked from storage and in general allowing all the standard operations of the GL loader, also performs the storing and/or picking of sheets from the RESTORE.
For example, after a sheet is picked, the loader positions itself near the cutting bench with the sheet in the vertical position and is able to recover the cutting scrap from the bench using the supplementary roller, position it vertically leaving space for tilting and subsequent supply of the bench with the new sheet. The loader then deposits the scrap in the restore for subsequent use.
This operation allows pick/store times to be optimized to the fullest being able to perform both operations during the same cycle.

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Product category: Transport and handling systems

Package unloader model LP

Mistrello glass sheet unloaders are moveable equipment for use in the glass industry.
Manoeuvred by an operator, they allow sheet packages with specific dimensions to be moved safely and with manoeuvrability.
The equipment is made up of a tubular steel (14) frame designed and sized for the loads specified in the identification plate. The lower part of the equipment has two inclining wedges (4) that are manually adjusted based on the sheet package to be moved, the middle and upper part has brackets (3 and 9) that, when manually regulated, block the sheet package vertically and horizontally. The upper brackets are manually adjustable both horizontally and vertically using a handwheel (7 and 8).
The equipment is always supplied with hooks (1), rear support for resting (12) and all of the mounting hardware.
Since the handwheel (7) is located at man height, adjustments are done from the ground without the need for ladders or climbing on the upper part using other means.

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Product category: Transport and handling systems

Modular bilateral loader - CSM

The CSM modular loader is a new generation fixed machine capable of picking sheets on both sides and moving them to the cutting bench.
This solution can be very advantageous when applied to a removable shuttle stocking system where the material loading elements are transferred to the side of the CSM loader that picks the glass due to its available range (up to 1000 mm).
From the other side, for example, a fixed stand can be set up that is manually loaded for other types of glass that are then always available to be picked and transferred to the bench in the horizontal position.

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Product category: Transport and handling systems

Aerial storeroom selectors

Mistrello aerial selectors are aerial systems (bridge cranes) able to pick and move glass sheets from vertical storerooms such as sorters or fixed stands and move them to the cutting benches with the aid of tilting tables for subsequent positioning of the sheets in the horizontal position.

Bridge cranes for glass, depending upon the type, can glide on rails on the ground (GLT) or on suspended guides (GLP). The customization of these systems is extreme and according to the customer's needs. Each time, Officine Mistrello studies the most convenient solution.

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Conscious of the fact that savings and the optimisation of space are among the most important issues in the glass field domain, the Officine Mistrello supply the market with classification systems to stock glass-sheets, which represent ideal solutions for big, medium or small glass factories.

The Officine Mistrello are proud to offer customers a vaste range of solutions that, thanks to their modularity, can be personalized according to the most particular and problematic space needs.

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