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  • 02  Glass processing and finishing
  • 02.13  Nanotechnology
  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.03  Automotive glass
  • 03.03.02  Materials
  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.10  Technical processing, treatment, finishing design.
  • 03.10.03  Glass finishing
  •  Glass painting/glass art
  •  Glass paints

Glass paints

  • 03  Glass products and applications
  • 03.10  Technical processing, treatment, finishing design.
  • 03.10.03  Glass finishing
  •  Glass painting/glass art
  •  Precious metal preparations

Precious metal preparations

Our products

Product category: Nanotechnology


A unique technology, based on new fluorescent nanoparticles to effectively combat counterfeiting attempts that strike the global market of the manufacturing industry on a daily basis, for an estimated loss of over 1 trillion dollars each year.

In the sphere of Material Chemistry, an interesting field of research is aimed at the synthesis of new compounds that exhibit a strong fluorescence combined with high chemical and thermal stability.

A fluorescent substance can emit electromagnetic radiation after having absorbed radiation at a different, usually inferior, wavelength. The most interesting examples of fluorescence are those associated to materials that absorb radiation in the UV range and re-emit it in the visible spectrum.

These fluorophores, used as pigments to be added to matrixes of a different nature (polymers, paint, ink, paste, etc.) may be used in a very large number of applications, ranging from the biomedical sector to optics, from the textile industry to decorative and design arts, from quality control to anti-counterfeiting or product traceability along production lines.

In the last few years, high-level luminescence has also been observed in nanometeric systems constiting of clusters of noble metals obtained by a reduction-method from a metal precursor in the presence of thiols as capping agents.

Taking advantage of its experience in precious metal chemistry, Cabro S.p.A. has recently started a collaboration with Punto Quantico, a spin-off of the Istituto dei Materiali Compositi e Biomateriali (IMCB) of the CNR [Institute of Composite Materials and Biomaterials of the Italian National Research Center], which has been working for years on the development and engineering of fluorescent nanocomposites (Quantum Dots - QD) and has developed a uniquely simple and efficacious method of synthesis.

This collaboration has already led to the development of special new products for the anti-counterfeiting sector.
QDs are therefore small, nanometric-sized, fluorescent particles which, dispersed in matrixes of various natures, maintain the physical, optical and mechanical properties of the matrix (and are therefore transparent in the visible spectrum), emitting an intense luminous radiation when excited by low-cost lamps that emit ultraviolet light.

QDs exhibit different colors correlated to the size and nature of the nanoparticles. Due to their inorganic nature, they may be easily and uniformly dispersed in a polymer matrix, paints, gels, inks, and printed on the majority of supports of various types.
The aim of the collaboration between Cabro S.p.A. and PQ is to offer on the industrial market innovative anti-counterfeiting systems based on a unique combination of fluorescent pigments for the simple and effective authentication of original products.

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Product category: Nanotechnology

Nano Chemicals

Over the last years, nanostructured based metals products have attracted growing interest due to their surprising size-dependant optical and electronic properties that make it possible to use these products in fields such as catalysis, optics, microelectronics, mechanics, energy generation and biomedicines.
Thanks to their unique characteristics, both gold and silver are in fact perfect candidates for many such applications.
Gold Nanoparticles are already used in the biomedical field for their excellent biocompatibility and ease of bioconjugation.
Similarly, well estabilished is the use of nanometric silver-based inks to print microcircuits. As it is also an excellent thermal and electric conductor, silver is currently one of the most widely used metals at an industrial level and in nanostructured form the possible applications range from the photovoltaic industry to catalysis, from paints to cosmetics, to conductive stickers, and even air and water purification systems and antibacterial coatings.

Indeed the antibacterial qualities of this metal, which for centuries was used to purify drinking water and has also been used to cure numerous diseases before the discovery of modern antibiotics, are those that offer the most promising marketing prospects in the future.

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Product category: Materials, Precious metal preparations

Precious Metals Recovery

A strength point in the manipulation and transformation of precious metals is the recovery and refining of precious metals from any material: scrap, liquids, bars, baths, solutions, solid residues, and catalysts. A professional technical-sales organization and a punctual and efficient logistics service allow for a widespread collection across the entire domestic territory.

Using advanced technologies and customized, environment-friendly plants, and thanks to its reliability and professional skills, Cabro S.p.A. guaranties excellent results, fast processing and optimum value-for-use of the recovered metal; furthermore, Cabro S.p.A. possesses all the authorizations required by law, to ensure proper management of waste disposal activities.

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Product category: Glass paints


In 2007, Cabro S.p.A. acquired the historical German brand, leader in the production of colors, thus bringing new life, new ideas and new energy to the Rüger & Günzel paint company in Frankfurt, which today produces over 3000 high-quality shades of color for flat and hollow glass, pharmaceuticals, dishware, ceramics, porcelain, bone chine, tiles and sanitary elements, with cooking temperatures that range from 500° to over 1000°.
This patrimony has enriched the already vast range of Cabro S.p.A. products based on Gold, Silver, Platinum and Lustres, both in liquid and in paste formulations, for screenprinting and brush glass and porcelain decorations.

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Product category: Precious metal preparations

Precious Metals

The ongoing search for innovative solutions and the determination to reach new international markets with its products for the decorative sector, has allowed us in recent years to increase our product portfolio for ceramic and glass decoration.

Each line contains products based on Gold, Platinum and Lustres.
Each product may have various application techniques (by brush, direct screenprinting, decals etc.), different temperature ranges (550-900°) and may be used on various supports (tiles, pottery, porcelain, bone china, flat glass, hollow glass, decals, etc...). Thanks to the high quality level of the Research & Development department, Cabro can provide personalized solutions on specific customer requests and requirements.

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About us

Company details

Founded in 1987, Cabro S.p.A. is a chemical company specialized in the production, treatment and recovery of precious metals such as Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Ir. After over twenty years of activity and experience acquired in this field, thanks to the company's strong dynamism and the determination to continuously face new challenges, over the last years has intensified Research & Development activity, investing resources and energies in projecting brand new products, participating in European and Regional-level projects and collaborating with the most prestigious Italian Universities and Research Institutes.

The strategic pillars of Cabro S.p.A. projected in the year two thousand are four:

• the design, production and sale of chemical products based on precious metals for galvanic, for goldsmith and pharmaceutical industries and for catalysis;

• the design, production and sale of products for ceramic and glass decorations, liquid gold and lustres;

• the recovery and refining of precious metals from any type of material (waste, liquids, bars, catalysts, baths, solutions and solid residues);

• chemical analysis.

Cabro S.p.A. is not just a company that produces "products based on precious metals", but also proposes customized solutions based on the requests of an increasingly demanding clientele; for this reason, is continuously focused on searching for innovative solutions and is developing new product technologies, a focus that has permitted to penetrate international markets with a trade name that is recognized as a symbol of quality, reliability, technology and innovation.

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