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Our products

Product category: Glass paints

CREATIVELAM Water Clear Glass Lamination Resins

CREATIVELAM is a polyacrylic resin formulation especially designed to remain crystal clear even when catalysed. CreativeLam is not prone to yellowing and allows expansion of 300/350%. This superior laminating resin also contains a specially adapted adhesion promoter that remains dormant until the addition of the catalyst. With an exceptionally low viscosity – similar to water, CreativeLam is extremely simple to use allowing easy flow and fast air bubble release.

CreativeLam by Creative Resins allow any size company to produce laminated glass economically without the need of expensive machinery.

Laminating resins are ideal for building applications which require a glass exterior but at the same time need to minimise sound transmission, such as a restaurant on a busy street. Laminating glass with good accoustic dampening properties are used. Security glass is usually laminated as it provides a safer alternative to float glass. many applications require transparent panels so clear laminating resin is ideal. Laminating resins also have a resistance to shattering and penetration. It can protect a building from bad weather and natural disasters as if it is shattered by flying objects it remains in its frame. Due to this, laminating resin is favoured in areas of the world that suffer from hurricanes and extreme weather conditions. It can also act as a glare control when used in countries with hot climates and high UV levels. This makes it perfect for office building or skyscrapers. As it controls glare it also ensures less heat is transmitted into the room saving on air conditioning costs and in turn reducing the carbon footprint of a company or private individual

A range of concentrate pigments can be added which can make transparent, translucent and opaque colours. All colours provide long term UV stability.

CreativeLam can be used conventionally as a cold pour system or it can be dispensed and mixed automatically using a pump system with virtually no wastage. The specially designed pump is simple to use and is designed to be self cleaning with minimum maintenance.

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Product category: Glass paints


Mirror Spray is an application unique to Creative Resins. It can turn any type of glass including toughened / tempered into a highly reflective mirror finish using a conventional spray gun or the automatic Picasso.

Easy to spray single pack system and no wastage, Mirror Spray has opened up a wealth of new oportunities for many market sectors including the Sign Industry,  Interior Designers, Glass Bottle manufacturers as well as the Flat Glass Industry. Individual areas of glass can now be selected to create unique designs.

A range of Antique Mirrors Effects can also be created using special liquids supplied by Creative Resins that are applied to the back of the Mirror Spray creating a natural burnish and / or distorted effect.

Creative Resins also offer an Authentic Mirror/Chrome coating system that has been adapted to work with toughened glass as well as plastics, ceramic, aluminium, wood and many other substrates.  The Silvering process gives perfect mirror and 100% reflection


Antique Mirror finishes are becoming more and more popular in all forms of interior decoration. Until now the only way to achieve this finish was to buy extremely expensive sheets and cut them to the required size. 
This has now changed with Creative Resins new Antique Mirror process. Plain glass can be cut to size or shape and even tempered before the effect is added at a fraction of the cost you would previously have to pay. 
Splashbacks, worktops, curtain walling, regular mirrors and furniture can all benefit from this very simple process brought to you by Creative Resins. Antique Mirror effects are now available to any glass processor
to create stunning pieces for their customers with complete freedom of glass types and shapes, previously not a viable option for many.

The Creative Resin Antique Mirror process is achieved using our own raw materials and machinery, giving the end user a simple system, backed up by our usual ten year guarantees. This enables you to have complete control over the process, with the knowledge that your customers are receiving a product from the industry leader in the decorative glass sector, with peace of mind provided by our twenty years plus supplying the very
best Resin and Spray products to the glass processing industry. As the Creative Resins Antique Mirror process is sprayed onto your chosen glass, there is no need to invest in large scale machinery. We supply a compact spraying system that is all you need to complete the desired effect. The effect can be varied and no two antique mirrors will be the same, exactly as it should be with Antique Mirror. Full training on the system is available,
as is complete technical support. Never before has the Antique Mirror effect been available to so many as a cost effective process.

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Product category: Glass paints


Resin stained glass simulates traditional stained glass at a fraction of the cost and vastly less labour intensive. The resins to create stained glass can also be placed onto wood, acrylic, perspex, aluminium, ceramic and stainless steel.

Applying the resins to glass can be by bottle or by semi automated machinery known as the Wizard. Once applied as per the instructions, the resins carry a 10 year exterior guarantee even in such climates as Russia, the Gulf region and high UV countries such as New Zealand. The resins do not have to go inside a double glazed unit - they have been fully weather tested to go to the exterior of the building.

Our acrylic resin outlines come in a range of colours - black, leaded light (pewter in colour), silver, gold, white and glassline. The outline is a 1:1 mix ratio of base and hardener. Once plotted onto glass, the resin outlines give a high build allowing for the colour infill to be placed accurately inside the outline design. The infill colours are very concentrated and are mixed with our colouring system to enable them to bond to the glass. The infill colours come in a range of 13 including 3 metallics. All of the pigments can be mixed together to create an endless palette of colour choices. The colours are naturally transparent however by adding white to the base mix you can create translucent or opaque finishes. Marbling and antique finishes can also be achieved - see our special effects page.

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Product category: Glass paints


Coloured glass is proving very popular worldwide. The use of back painted glass is now a feature in many homes and commercial buildings as it creates extra light and is easy to clean and maintain. Spray resins to create coloured back painted glass are inexpensive to use and come with the usual Creative Resins guarantees.

Spray resin was introduced in 2010 and can be used on Kitchen and Bathroom splash backs, furniture, wet rooms, security glass, spandrel glass, architectural glass, glass work tops and glass partitions as well as signage.

The spray resins can be applied to any monolithic glass surface and can also be used with laminated glass. As Creative Resins supply all of the ingredients with no additional additives needed - the warranty lies with us. The spray range is water and moisture resistant, resistant to high temperatures, UV stable and carries no wastage.

Spray resins come as a 3 part mix – base & hardener mixed with a range of 23 colour pigments to create as endless array of finishes and colours. The base colours can be used to match most RAL, Pantone, BS, and our own colour swatch box creating thousands of swatches of colours for your customer to choose from.

The Spray resins can be supplied either as a pre mix enabling smaller users to simply add the two components together and start spraying or for more frequent users we recommend using the spray station to ensure the colour pigments remain consistently mixed and ensuring smoother, perfect panels each time.

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Product category: Glass paints

PLASPAINT for windows and doors

Plaspaint is a unique combination of Polyurathane and Acrylic resins that provide a permanent surface coating for interior and exterior applications and has been specifically designed for the window and door industry.  It is simple to use and can be applied manually or automatically to UPVC, Aluminium and Fibreglass. 
Available in any level of Matt, Satin or Gloss plus a range of special effects PlasPaint provides Chemical Resistance, Scratch Resistance, UV Stability, Heat Reflective Properties plus Excellent Colour/Gloss Retention.
Our unique Colour Match software provides endless colour choice which includes RAL, Pantone, BS and NCS formulations to name but a few.

Easy to apply using a regular spray gun or applied automatically by the Spray Master, PlasPaint meets all the requirements of an industry that demands quality, fast application and affordability.

Fast drying system

Unlimited Colour Choice

Abrasion resistant surface

Resistant to most chemicals

Totally UV stable

Guaranteed for 10 years - externally

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About us

Company details

Creative Resins are making Glasstec the main launch pad for their new satin glass sprays – this new spray can turn glass surfaces into a sandblasted effect whether the glass is float or toughened/tempered glass.

The mirror chrome will alo be sold from the stand - this works as a stand alone product or in conjunction with our spray resins which are sold worldwide for spandrel glass, glass partitions, splashbacks and large areas of coloured glass in general.

All spray products are available to buy from Creative Resins therefore we are able to offer a full warranty on them – there are no hidden additives that need to be purchased making spraying of the resins quick and easy with no wastage.

Our new wood effect sprays will also be demonstrated on the stand - these can turn any UPVC panel/glass into a wood finish.

All products will be available to purchase from the stand as usual and demonstrations will be running on our  resin dispensing machinery throughout the show. We are having one large product launch on the stand enabling our customers to buy from one supplier.

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