Maroso S.R.L.

Via A. de Gasperi 19, 36060 Pianezze (VI)
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  • 02.09  Safety glass technology
  • 02.09.04  Autoclaves


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MAROSO S.r.l was established in 1969, and, in the early 80s, specialized itself in the construction of pressure equipments, especially in the sector of AUTOCLAVES with rapid closings complete of all the auxiliaries services for their running, as: cooling towers, compressors, vacuum stations and systems for the material loading and unloading.

Thanks to the experience gained over decades of activity and experimentation in the different industrial sectors, Maroso autoclaves production has been extended also to the GLASS for the FLAT GLASS, CURVED AND SPECIAL GLASS, both tempered and toughened, addressed to the most different application fields: building, safety, interior design, windscreens, etc.

MAROSO S.r.l obtained the ISO 9001 certification, furthermore the material supplying is always accompanied by the CE, PED, or ASME STAMP certifications.

The MAROSO autoclaves are today positioned at the top of the world production for what concerns their technology, quality and cheapness of working.

MAROSO S.r.l can guarantee to its customers the best expertise in the engineering field for the projects design, according to the customer specifications, especially referring to:

-Structural design in accordance with the pressures and temperatures required by the customer;

-Dimensional adjustment of the autoclave according to the expected load;

-Thermodynamic design of the plant in order to get the maximum performance depending on the ones required by customer;

-Dimensional construction, up to the portability limits of each monolithic component with its following welding and assembly;

-Study and design of personalized air recirculation systems to obtain the best heat transfer, temperature uniformity and optimal general performance;

-Flag door opening system;

-Design, supplying and installation of all the services necessary to the plant running as: thermal oil plant, air compression plants complete of tank, air pressurization systems and realization of the air-nitrogen mixture into the autoclave, cooling tower with open or closed circuit, vacuum group, manual and automatic vacuum lines, vacuum control, fixed connection equipments for the periodic certification of the productive cycle;

-Optimization of the available energetic sources to reduce the cycle costs, choosing between thermal oil, steam, electric;

-Simple or very sophisticated management systems of supervision and statistics, based on the control of the minimum and maximum piece temperature, comparing it with the temperature of the recirculation air, allowing the maximum heat transfer to the piece, within the tolerated range;

-Our management systems can interconnect with supervision and statistics systems, both simple and sophisticated, depending on the customer needs;

-These systems can be made up of a traditional system on the front part of the display (programming/cycle control, Touch screen display and recorder) or of sophisticated management and statistics management systems, that, thanks to dedicated and personalized software, allows the management of the total productive cycle and the historical production data.

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