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  • 04  Tools, replacement and spare parts, aucillary equipment and fittings
  • 04.02  Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Our products

Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Glass Grinding Fluids

Biologically stable
When it comes to resistance to biological deterioration, the SUPER»CUT coolant stands above the crowd. Each component in the formulation is selected for its resistance to attack by bacteria and fungus. The coolant does not use any biological control agents that may harm workers' skin or upper respiratory system.

Extended sump life
Because of new more stringent waste disposal regulations, coolants today must last longer in their service life. When managed correctly, the SUPERCUT coolant may last twice as long as normal coolants. To obtain the maximum life, a test for suspended solids should be run once a week. Once the solids level has been determined, simple post treatment in the existing tank will clear the fluid of most unwanted glass fines and leave the fluid ready for another week of high-speed operation.

Flocculants and Coagulants
SUPERCUT offers a range of flocculants and coagulants to effectively aid in the removal of suspended solids from many types of grinding fluids.
Floc 60 - is designed to work in tandem with Floc 80. Once the floe is formed by Floc 80, Floc 60 is added to increase the size of the floc, increase the speed of settling and control the density of the settled material. Floc 60 is best suited for use in two-part settling systems such as a Henry system or a Decanter type system.
Floc 80 - is used as the primary initial flocculant in a two-part system and in many cases is used as a standalone flocculant for those systems running centrifuges for solids removal.
Floc 90 - is a highly efficient ONE PART flocculant that offers high-end performance and very low usage rates (35-75ppm as compared to most materials that are used at 600 to 1200ppm) to effect total and complete solids separation in a controlled manner

Coolant system maintenance
Coolant should be checked daily for:
- PH
- Concentration
- Level of solids in a central system should be monitored and adjusted daily with additions of flocculant
- Biological activity should be examined weekly in spring and summer, monthly in winter.

SUPER-CUT sales engineer can help you set up a system maintenance program so as to optimize your coolant usage and benefits at no cost to the end user.

Custom options
For those users requiring special performance in the areas of increased line speeds, extended wheel life, or swarf removal, the SUPER-CUT coolant may be modified to meet your requirements on a custom formulation basis.

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Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Core drills

Suitable for float glass, mirrors, quartz, ceramics and other hard, brittle or abrasive non-metallic materials.

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Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Core drill/seamers

Seamed or chamfered edges provide aesthetically pleasing holes and will usually give higher furnace yields on tempered glass.
SUPER•CUT core drill and core drill/seamer specifications are pre-determined by:
•the application
•the workpiece
•the machine

A complete range of SUPER•CUT designs and specifications is available to fit each machine and to meet the users exacting requirements:
•quick start-up
•accurate hole size
•hole quality
•spindle speed
•feed rate
•coolant type
•tool life

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Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Dressing Sticks

In glass grinding, DRESSING STICKS are used at various intervals during the life of the diamond wheel or drill for re-exposing the diamonds of the diamond tool. It helps in optimizing glass edge quality and tool feed speed.

The diamond-bond matrix consists of randomly dispersed diamond particles held in a metal bond. As the diamond particles are worked on during the grinding operation, they wear and lose their cutting power by flattening off at the top exposed edge, a phenomenon termed as glazing.

However, the bond wear may not be at the same rate as the diamond. If the bond wear is slower than the diamond wear, this will reduce the diamond exposure and the grinding capability. A relatively soft abrasive DRESSING STICK , such as Aluminum Oxide is required to grind away the bond and give greater exposure to the diamonds.

SUPERCUT Aluminum Oxide DRESSING STICKS are designed with a structure and hardness resulting in superior dressing performance:

• Aggressiveness in stock removal thereby reducing cycle time and increasing through-put
• Lower diamond tool wear resulting in increased overall life of a diamond wheel or drill.

SUPERCUT DRESSING STICKS are offered in 150 and 220 mesh.

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Product category: Cutting, grinding and drilling tools

Diamond Products For Automotive Glass

SUPERCUT diamond wheels for pencil edging and seaming set the worldwide standard in automotive glass manufacturing. Produced to the highest quality, they offer long-life performance and superior form-holding characteristics.

SUPERCUT’S on-going commitment to quality and superior performance ensures
that each wheel meets the needs of an ever-demanding industry.

CONSISTENCY: Blending and moulding of each wheel to
exact process specifications.
TRACEABILITY: Each wheel has a unique serial number so
that each manufacturing process can be identified.
PERFORMANCE: Fast start-up, high stock removal, chip-free
grinding and long life between re-profiling.

SUPERCUT diamond wheels are manufactured to fit all leading machine makers
including Bando; Bystronic; Bottero; Tamglass and Glassline.

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About us

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SUPERCUT offers a complete portfolio of products used in the pre-processing of automotive glass. These include manufactured and resale items. SUPERCUT Manufactured Product range include: Diamond Wheels: Diamond impregnated wheels for pencil edging or seaming of automotive glass.
Diamond Core Drills and Seamers: Diamond impregnated core drills, seamers, and core drill seamer combos for drilling holes in auto glass sidelites and backlites.
Re-profiling Service: Re-profiling of diamond wheels using Electro-Discharge Machining (EDM) process.

SUPERCUT has partnered with technology leaders for products used in the pre-processing of automotive glass. Products from these collaborations are developed specifically for the auto glass market after extensive and continuous laboratory and in-the-field testing programs.

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