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Our products

Product category: Digital printing technology


From a structural point of view, nano-colouring has all the characteristics of a nanofluid;
Otherwise, for what concerns printing, nano-colouring can be fixed on any type of support, even on those known as ‘unprintable’ (e.g. glass),

touch resistant print drying is very fast while its structural crosslinking on some materials must be forced through a polymerisation process at programmed temperature, on others through a normal air drying. 

The grip on most materials is assured by the fact that nanocomponents of the colour fluid can penetrate and crosslink all the materials thanks to the components’ very small sizes.

This colour type has no cover property because the above-mentioned specifications are not compatible with the multilayer stratification. On one hand this can be considered a disadvantage (forex PVC etc.), but on the other hand it could be an advantage because in case of precious materials it is very important that the printing process will not cover the material properties.

                                                                            OFFICIAL PRESENTATION OF OUR NEW INK : NanoLux

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Product category: Digital printing technology

Practika K86

The K series is a line of machines designed and developed to print but with a keen eye for all those needs of any Industry.
In fact, all K systems can be installed and controlled in any industrial production line thanks to a series of on-board devices. The K 86 mainly differs from all other models of the Practika series for the modularity that makes this unique solution and for the perfect flatness of the vacuum flat bed which allows to obtain the maximum precision and always perfect decorations on many materials.

The key feature of the new K 86 is its modular component. According to their own needs, the customer can customize the length of the machine, by adding to the initial body one or more standardized forms by 180 cm in length, purchased separately and possibly also at a later stage. This allows the user to have an adequate product customized to their business needs, which can grow to meet the production needs of industry.

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Product category: Digital printing technology

Muchcolours Industry

MuchColours is a company that always deals with digital industrial decoration with a new and alternative vision, based on the use of nanotechnology and derivative inks.

Since 2007, a team composed of many industrial chemistry engineers specialized in materials and and different substrates, also in charge of mechanical and electronic expertise at great level, achieve high value-added products that are able to satisfy the decorating needs of even the most discerning customers.

Great attention is paid to the environmental impact of both the systems and decoration processes.

The MuchColours is one of the first companies in Europe to have adopted their own environmental sustainability plan with which, in a short time, has managed to make sustainable impact of all processes and certification.

All printers are certified in Class A + for VOC emissions.

Actually the VOC legislation is increasingly in demand on the European market and it is the first step to obtain and achieve all environmental certifications related to the product.

The MuchColours also boasts a well equipped laboratory where daily tests are carried out both chemical and mechanical resistance of the post-press, in full respect of the Uni Iso standards.

Thanks to the specific skills of each department, today MuchColours can no be considered a simple machine manufacturer, but a company with a vision of the product capacity to 360 degrees, able to give answers to any request.

In fact into MuchColors every day are active the departments of:

- Mechanical and electronic construction

- Development of mechanical customized industrial solutions and platforms, chemical and electronic

- Color Profiling and mass production time and cost set up

- Chemical and mechanical endurance test with certification of impact processes

- Realization of generic graphic design and on demand

- Customized training for operators first and second level.

To validate the personalization concept, recently have been activated, in collaboration with the European University of Design, training seminars of "Color Design" open to customers and operators of industrial digital decoration.

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Product category: Digital printing technology

Airdry Pro: warm air drying system Standard Equipment

Air Dry is an optional system patented exclusively by MuchColours and installed directly on Practika print head. It is used for all colour applications where an immediate reticulation is needed during the printing phase, like for example glass

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Product category: Digital printing technology

Software MuchColours

All Practika are equipped with optional print control Rip called MuchRip. This software is definitely the best in technology for the management of digital flatbed printer dedicated to industrial production. The software allows our customer-enduser to perform all the common tasks of printing and decoration, but with the addition of an almost infinite variety of extra options. In fact, the software lets you: cut, rotate, resize and enhance the color of a document before printing, to have thousands of ICC profiles for different and difficult materials and to create new ICC profiles with the powerful interface of the new Spectrophotometer Barberi; to have the calculation of the cost of inks before printing so you can make an estimate with pre-set costs so you can give this possibility to the operator, to make the calculation of environmental costs in terms of CO2; the printer linearization and profiling in a completely automatic way, you may use the 2D effect called lenticular to create shimmering images, monitor and control the printer from other computers on the network, you can print and rip images at the same time, all this and much more make unique our MuchRip .

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Product category: Digital printing technology


The Muchcolours as well as developing inks nanocomposites for various difficult applications is also able to listen to customer needs and build machines and digital printing systems that are perfectly suited to the material and structural needs of the customers, as finishing lines, existing furnaces etc. in fact, the Muchcolours design and development department, with its engineers has always lived up to all these demands by providing answers in a short time and always using the best technology available at the time.

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About us

Company details

MuchColours builds and supports products and machines for digital printing totally conceived to achieve an infinity of industrial applications, since the industry has great interest for innovation.

MuchColours, an already well-known leading company in the solvent digital printing field employed in communications, has decided to use its know-how to realize a range of machines called “In piano” (flat) to print and decorate on any rigid surface up to a maximum thickness of 30 cm.

The company’s purpose has been achieved when it has established an agreement with Bologna-based Lesepidado company, which briefly allowed MuchColours to develop a complete solution for the industrial sector, not only involving the mechanical field but also the whole chemical one, a fundamental source of information and experimentation.

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