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Our products

Product category: Software

Glass Labels

"Glass Labels are designed to suit internal production and end cusomter requirements"

The Gtrak Bullet Label has a removable strip that is placed on the edge of a finished unit when stacked.

This means that essential information, colour flashes and symbols can be viewed easily from a distance.

Barcodes can also be printed on the edge label for easy access when scanning units.

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Product category: Software

Furnace Performance Monitoring

Furnace Performance Monitoring provides an onscreen view outlining the performance for a given shift or time period, based upon information collected by the barcode readers.

The view includes detailed information on downtime, work time, number of cycles, area, leaves, bed loading and 4mm equivalencies for thicker glass.

Labels are scanned as work is passed to the furnace. Reading can be done by batch or by piece which is changeable at any time to suit particular needs.

Tracking pieces at toughening generates a barcode log. This can then be presented as official proof of toughening for BSI inspectors, when conforming to BSEN12150 - Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass.

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Product category: Software

Material Saving Optimiser

Optimiser X is a 1D & 2D material saving optimiser for materials including: glass, spacer bar, Georgian bar, pleated blinds, foam backing, poly-carbonates and acrylics.

Unlike many of our competitors, we develop and support our own material saving optimiser - OptimiserX. This means we have total control over development and are able to turn around changes that are required to suit the individual needs of our customers.

As Production uses the same data as order processing, urgent orders can be entered and added to a batch immediately. Undoing an entire batch, removing orders or individual lines can also be done trivially.

Every factory is different and this is where the experience of Jotika coupled with the power and flexibility of OptimiserX software is crucial. Getting the balance right between achieving good optimising yield with limited disruption to work flow is the key to saving money on the shop floor.

Below are two graphs taken from real customers (references on request) after Jotika implemented its OptimiserX software, accompanied with their expertise in glass production. There was a clear drop in gross waste per month, but even more importantly this drop in gross waste was sustained month on month.

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Product category: Software

Part Processing for Manufacturers

Selecting work for manufacture in Gtrak3 and OptimiserX is a very simple process, whilst still providing the flexibility required for the markets varied product mix and potential manufacturing restrictions.

An unlimited amount of user configurable optimising groups can be setup to extract work by product, glass, spacer and process (e.g. Annealed Georgian, Toughened Decorative, Shapes, Standard Annealed).

Manual selections are also available by order, order line, customer, glass stock, material type (annealed, toughened), glazing type (single, double) and process type (shapes, leaded).

Using the colour icons, operators are able to explore and select work for manufacture. Totals for orders, order lines, items, area, and weight are available to further aid the decision making process.

We work hard to establish co-operation between planners and office staff who have to produce optimised batches, as well as those at the "sharp end" of production, each of whom have their own needs. Office staff need to be able to enter orders quickly, planners want visibility and production want minimum disruption to work flow.

We help users to get into the habit of preparing their plan, with people from all departments being involved, so everyone is aware of what is to be done, and has the opportunity to put their needs and ideas forward.

By using Part Processing, orders can be entered complete - no need to separate out Toughened, Leads or Georgians as each of these can be picked out when batching, saving time for Order Entry staff.

In conjunction with our Production Monitoring System, full visibility is available, including the peaks and troughs which need to be smoothed. This provides planners with the information they need to make the day-to-day decisions concerning production flow and delivery.

By processing groups of materials together, production have less material changes to make with reduced down time and so less disruption. Improved productivity and fewer delivery targets missed means improved profitability, happy customers and less stress.

There are a number of other benefits that to be gained from the Part Processing:

Work is planned by the team, and EVERYONE is aware of the plan.
Improved control
Manufacturing flexibility with machine downtime
Longer runs of similar Order lines
Reduced material waste
Reduced labour costs
Reduced WIP
Reduced Order Entry time

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Product category: Software

Slot Racking

Our primary objective is to lower operating costs. How we achieve this depends to a large extent on current trading conditions. This is often more important than the availability of manufacturing machinery and storage / buffering space.

As an example of current UK trading conditions, even retail sealed unit manufacturers now handle hundreds of different types of glass, and the percentage of "basic" stock continues to fall steadily.

Other countries run with far fewer product variants, longer production lead times, and do not experience the same pressures.

This places a great strain on batching, as the factory requires more and more segregation of work by product, and with widely varying rules for each batch in terms of cutting, sorting, handling.

We have recognised this issue, and have developed a unique approach to the problem – Optimiser X.

The basis of this approach is to allow the production of many small batches in the differing unique sequences required, whilst at the same time reducing glass waste by cutting across batch boundaries.

Glass handling is reduced – no re-sorting requirements are generated as a consequence of this approach. As far as the factory is concerned, it still receives discrete batches, sequenced as before. Inevitably, there are productivity gains, at cutting directly, and in glass handling generally.

Although we do have many Customers with multi-point automatic loaders, some are now too small for current demands, and many still depend on free-fall loading. The sight of stock sheets being manoeuvred up and down factories, with "usable" offcuts going in the other direction has increased dramatically in the past couple of years. Optimiser X can reduce the number of journeys, and the benefits will be noticeably felt.

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About us

Company details

"I started developing software solutions for the glass and window industry in 1979. It was my passion for problem solving that attracted me to software and especially the glass and window industry, because of the problems it presents in the way of material optimisation. My focus has always been to deliver effective software solutions; and I take a personal interest in the welfare of all my customers. This is why JoTiKa is the UK's leading developer of software solutions in the glass industry today"

Foreword by John Gold - Managing Director

Our Experience

We have been developing glass software solutions for the flat glass processing industry for many years, recruiting experienced manufacturing consultants from within the industry. All our glass software products are designed and supported in house, by a team of software developers and customer service professionals.

Our History

For over 30 years, Jotika owner John Gold has played a significant role in the development of glass software technology for the UK & Ireland glass industry. Jotika pay close attention to customers' needs with a proud history of delivering exceptional results. In the process, our customers have benefited and continue to benefit from our software products through both good & bad times.

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